ureka! a social network made with healing, balancing & evolving in mind!

ureka is both an online community and a learning platform, intended to benefit us all.
all are invited to co-create experiences with us that respect the sacred spirit of equality & non judgement.

ureka: an community and learning environment.
offering many of the same features as other social networks. designed with specific awareness of the need to support privacy, free will & balance.
ureka: make friends and inspire healing.
co-creating the paradigm shift towards holistic, heart centered consciousness and beyond: find friends who share your passion for compassion!
ureka: share ideas and co-create media collections.
we value inspired ideas and wisdom: we don't share or sell your private data and you won't find any games or adverts from external advertisers here.
ureka: combine videos from multiple video sharing sites into collections, for easy viewing.
easily bring together media items from various sources: add videos, images and create pages that help us all to make bridges between our own personal realities!

will you join us in co-creating a free and balanced planet?

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