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      • ura soul

        6 ways to break the conditioning and heal yourself, with Ura Soul - Become Remarkable Podcast 024
        In today's episode, Adrian Nantchev is joined with Ura-Soul to discuss breaking the conditioning and 6 ways to heal yourself. Got any programming skills? info page for collaborators - including technical skills that are of value at book link for right use of will: my tips for steemit: ► Subscribe: ► Join my Facebook Group: Want my help? ► Consulting for marketing, business, entrepreneurship: ► Check out my books: ► Other books by me: Social Media ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Steemit: Playlists ► 101 Entrepreneurs Lessons & Mistakes: ► Entrepreneur Lifestyle: ► Money Management:...
        • resheyeh
          resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 20th August 2017'

          There's your reason. Jihadists have a keen eye on political calendars.

          MINA Breaking News - Catalonia says Independence Vote to be held despite terror attacks

          Donald Trump  Thousands join anti-racism march in Boston

          US Duke University Removes Confederate General Statue in Wake of Charlottesville

          When the Statues Fall, Uproot the Pedestals   The Promise of Direct Action

          "the root causes of white supremacy" ????

          [You're ALL slaves. Skin colour is irrelevant. You say "white supremacy", they say "white genocide" when in reality what you've got is the (elite) 'supremacist's genocidalism.' They'll let you kill each other, cause chaos and fear in the minds of the passive and all the while you're doing their job for them. You deserve each other.]

          Russia attack  Islamic State claim responsibility for mass stabbing rampage in Surgut

          They Want You to ‘Punch a Nazi’: Enacting Violence Keeps You Distracted From the Real Issue

          Asteroid size of 40 football fields to scoot by Earth in September

          Oregon governor signs gun confiscation bill into law

          Train station in Nimes, France evacuated as police search for armed man

          Purge Begins  Cloudflare Terminates Service to Cody Wilson's GhostGunner Website

          FOIA Helps Show How Conservative TV Giant Could Find its Way Into 7 out of 10 Homes: FRINFORMSUM 8/17/2016

          Shell lifts its first crude cargo from Libya in 5 years

          Amid Doklam standoff, Sushma Swaraj meets Bhutanese foreign minister

          Kashmir conflict  Israel says will never support Pakistan on Kashmir

          Philippine Church head urges end to drug killings

          Nearly 600 dead in SAsia floods

          6 dead as PH militants battle pro-IS splinter group

          Remaining ISIS Members Besieged Inside Marawi's Grand Mosque

          Robert Blum, the spy who shaped the world

          • resheyeh
            resheyeh published a new thought: 'Middle-East News Headlines 19th August 2017'

            Yemeni activist Hisham Al-Omeisy abducted by Saleh-Houthi fighters

            Hezbollah, Syrian and Lebanese army begin assault on ISIS

            Lebanese army launches anti-terror operation near Syrian border

            The Race for Deir al-Zour Province

            Analysis: The Syrian regime’s offensive towards Deir Ezzor

            Syrian War Daily – 18th of August 2017 _ Syrian War Daily

            Abadi forms committee to investigate security forces violations

            Army kills many ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor, establish control over many oil fields in Raqqa countryside

            Pentagon distances itself from allies of the U.S. partner force battling ISIS

            Turkish variants of the U.S. M72 LAW anti-tank rocket keep ending up in ISIS stockpiles

            Pentagon says captured Islamic State fighters hooked on drugs [captagon, amphetamine or benzedrine probably]

            What goals Riyadh seeks through deadly crackdown on Awamiyah?

            Egypt re-closes border with Gaza after brief opening

            Picture of the Day: Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Launches Into the Night Sky

            • resheyeh
              resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 19th August 2017'

              Dein pluribus hostiis caesis, cum litare non posset, introiit curiam spreta religione Spurinnamque irridens et ut falsum arguens, quod sine ulla sua noxa Idus Martiae adessent; quanquam is venisse quidem eas diceret, sed non praeterisse. -- Suetonius

              2 dead, 6 injured in Finland stabbing attack, unclear if incident related to terrorism – police

              Goal Is 'Divide And Conquer'! Alt-Left And Alt-Right Are Run By The Same Dark Forces

              Neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer moves to the dark web, but promises a comeback

              Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer loses its Russian domain, too

              Bannon exit raises new questions for White House

              Conservatives react with fury to Bannon's departure

              Democratic Missouri Senator  'I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!'

              A Simple Litmus Test For Alt-Media Information

              New GM Crops Use RNA Interference Technology For Mass Sterilization

              Why Do Millions of People Continue to Use Smart Phones & WiFi Devices When the Health Damaging Effects Are So Well Known?

              Functional Illiterates Trying To Erase History

              [You should probably stop buying cotton (and maybe coffee, cocoa, coltan, cassiterite) products too, for verisimilitude (not least because much of the former is sweat-shopped).]

              31 Pictures That Prove Yemen Has Turned Into Hell on Earth

              Prominent Yemeni activist detained by Houthis in Sanaa

              UN Report  Saudis Killed 502 Children in Yemen in Past Year

              Pistorius prosecutor takes up case against Grace Mugabe

              Twitter mocks 'detained' Grace Mugabe amid diplomatic moves

              Nigerians in London stage protest outside President Buhari's residence

              [They haven't finished cloning him yet! A little more patience.]


              The Kenyan has mysteriously temporarily been taken off the net. Presumably it was saying things about the elections that certain forces didn't want the world to see. Take that transparency!

              • resheyeh
                resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 17th August 2017'

                Psychological Warfare Revealed -- REPORT: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Ousted as Provocateur Obama Supporter from Occupy Movement

                Police: Charlottesville Was "Inside Job" To Ignite Race War

                President Putin Slams Soros For Driving America Towards Civil War

                Virginia State Police helicopter in fatal crash sustained 'substantial damage' in 2010 _ Central Virginia

                5 missing after Army helicopter goes down, items found

                Al Arabiya TV animation video shows Saudi fighter jet downing Qatar passenger plane

                Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists Study  North Korea's Missiles Built For Show, Can't Hit US Mainland Yet

                Top FBI investigator Peter Strzok steps away from Russia probe

                Trump tweets that he is scrapping his business councils after the massive exodus of executives

                Here's the memo Larry Fink, the head of the world's largest investor, just sent to staff about Trump's council



                Libya  Videos Capture Summary Executions

                Saudi king orders reopening of Qatar border to pilgrims

                Iraq seeks UN resolution to investigate IS

                India  Don’t Forcibly Return Rohingya Refugees

                City worker dies after falling from seventh floor of London Stock Exchange

                Dunford Arrives in China - U.S. Department of Defense

                David Bowie's Last Online Post  'Google Is Illuminati'

                Google Censorship Against Small Independent Bloggers

                The Deep State’s “Trump Card” Against Independent Media: Executive Order 13694

                Kenya: See You in Court, Raila Odinga Tells Uhuru Kenyatta

                Kenya  Elections Official Roselyn Akombe 'Removed' from US Flight

                Fears for 600 still missing in Sierra Leone floods

                Two killed in hostage drama in deep South - Suspected militants in drawn-out chase after stealing five pickups in Songkhla and kidnapping four [Thailand]

                David Wilcock's Brakes Sabotaged

                Fukushima Scientist Exposes Cover-up: The Oceans Have Been Destroyed

                • resheyeh
                  resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 16th August 2017'

                  Hama rebel coalition "Jaish al-Hama" joins Hayat Tahrir Sham in newest unification move. [Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda) sheds it's skin again.]

                  Syrian Mig-21 shot down near Jordan border. Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya captured the pilot, Major Ali Halwa, alive.

                  Regime Forces (SAA) have captured Tuwaynat from ISIS

                  Syrian Army Surrounds Humaymah Village Near Border With Iraq

                  Civilians in Eastern Syria Flee IS Conscription

                  'Assad is Protector of the Christians in the Middle East' - Archbishop Hanna

                  Army Scores Direct Hits on IS Posts in Ras Baalbek [Lebanese]

                  US Delivers Bradley Fighting Vehicles to the Lebanese Army

                  Sierra Leone appeals for urgent help after deadly floods

                  Boko Haram attacks 2 villages in Adamawa

                  Grace Mugabe’s whereabouts unknown after alleged assault in South Africa

                  Why NASA postponed election results briefing

                  [If votes can be arbitrarily point-and-click created or deleted on a screen, so can wealth and value.]


                  Suspense as Kenya awaits next move on poll dispute

                  Obama's tweet after Charlottesville becomes the most-liked tweet ever

                  [Mandela would be pleased, although pipped to the post by the teenager who won free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s for having the most retweets ever. High kultcha innit!]


                  US Justice Department demands information on anti-Donald Trump protesters' identities

                  Time To End The Lost Afghan War

                  Edward Snowden   Bin Laden is Alive and well !

                  Yemen cholera cases exceed half a million as civil war prevents effective aid

                  Yemeni Forces on Verge of Victory over Aggressors: Official

                  Rallies intensify over THAAD deployment

                  Burma  National Commission Denies Atrocities

                  Bangladesh Extremist Killed in Suicide Blast in Dhaka

                  Critical flood situation in Assam, 2.3 million affected, death toll mounts to 104

                  3122 Florence - one of the largest known asteroids to flyby Earth on September 1

                  • resheyeh
                    resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 15th August 2017'

                    Rupert Murdoch urged Trump to fire Bannon: report

                    [Murdoch, pro-Trump at Fox, and anti-Trump with TheTimes and SkyNews.

                    Playing both sides against the middle?

                    Fair to add that Murdoch states that he doesn't dictate editorial policy. Still,...]


                    Protesters descend on Trump Tower as president returns home

                    Protesters topple Confederate statue in North Carolina

                    Internal Messages Show Some Google Employees Supported James Damore’s Manifesto

                    [Very curiously framed by Condé Nast.]


                    CNN Fires Commentator After ‘Sieg Heil’ Tweet

                    Google Manifesto Author Just Might Have a Legal Case

                    Google joins Monsanto among the most evil corporations in the world by announcing ban on anything it considers a “conspiracy theory”

                    leaked emails reveal, Saudi crown prince ‘wants to end Yemen war’

                    Cash crisis exposes rift within Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

                    Julie Bishop says she could not trust a New Zealand Labour government after Barnaby fiasco

                    [This appears to be Australian government attempts to swing the NZ election (it's geographical neighbours) towards incumbent Bill English.]


                    Domino's shares plunge after falling short of guidance

                    "Shares in Domino's Pizza have plunged more than 20 per cent after the company revealed it failed to meet its own earnings guidance and that sales growth was slipping across its network. The stock closed at $51.11 a share on Monday and had fallen to $40.28 within in the first minutes of trade on Tuesday, wiping almost $1 billion from the company's market capitalisation. Shares had recovered to $44.68 by 12.50pm, down 12.6 per cent from the open."

                    [A car drives into Paris pizzeria and "Domino's shares plunge after falling short of guidance". Blatant insider information and stock shorting reminiscent of just before 9/11. Coincidence, I think not. This was a cash-in.]

                    Solar eclipse ‘reveals exact date Nibiru will destroy Earth…and it’s NEXT MONTH’

                    * Eclipse enters through the 33rd state
                    * Eclipse exits at the 33rd latitude by Charleston
                    * Eclipse occurs 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12

                    [Interesting how they 'paint' the author, who legitimately studied astronomy at the University of Louisville, as a kook. Other more reputable publications have recognized the scientific irrefutability of the coinciding of scripture and science in the September 23rd alignment. Had there been no scientific correlation I probably wouldn't have have given it a second look.]


                    • ura soul

                      Dr. Mercola Interviews William Walsh about biochemistry and brain balance
                      In this video, natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews William Walsh, Ph.D., author of "Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain." To know more, watch this video or visit
                      • resheyeh
                        resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 14th August 2017_2'

                        It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist. -- George Orwell, 1984

                        In our own day they are not fighting against one another at all. The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact. -- George Orwell, 1984


                        US tourist punched for drunken Nazi salute in Germany

                        Angry Crowd Attacks "Unite the Right" Organizer in Charlottesville

                        [Expect the Deep State to try and link Bannon with Charlottesville, to wrench him from the Trump camp, because he is seen as loyal and effective, and is former editor of Breitbart (and likely retains strong ties), mouthpiece of the alt-right.

                        If you want to know who was behind it and controls both sides, and is an avowed enemy of the President, a clue.


                        Charlottesville: What You Wish Upon Others, You Wish Upon Yourself

                        Julian Assange asks why the US said nothing when Obama supported Ukrainian neo-Nazis

                        Multiple High-Level U.S. Officials Publicly Warn of Govt Plot to Assassinate Trump

                        Shooter at large after injuring 3 in Malmo, Sweden

                        Saudi Arabia  Security Forces Seal Off Eastern Town

                        Abbas, Israel Pull The Power Plug On War-Torn Gaza Strip

                        This Is How YouTube Will Kill Free Speech

                        YouTube Under Fire After Mass Deleting Videos Deemed ‘Extremist Material’

                        YouTube is Now Purging Evidence of War Crimes—Labeling it as ‘Extremist’ Content

                        Experts Say Espionage Act Could Soon Turned Against Journalists

                        2017 Deadliest On Record For Killings By Police

                        Kuwait battles oil spill in Persian Gulf close to popular summer beaches (VIDEO)

                        Key Syrian town fully liberated from ISIS, opening way to Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD —

                        [Resafa, Tabqa and the Northern left bank of the Euphrates first, I reckon.]

                        Syrian army establishes full control over strategic hills in Salamiyeh

                        Monster landslide in Himachal buries vehicles, 50 dead _ India News

                        10 more die, 34 trains hit as floods worsen in Assam

                        At least 17 killed in attack on restaurant in Burkina Faso

                        South Africa's Zuma Rebukes Lawmakers Who Backed His Ouster

                        Earthquake: 13th August, 74 kilometers (46 miles) west of the coastal city of Bengkulu, Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Magnitude 6.4 at a depth of 35 kilometers (21 miles).

                        Liberty has never come from Government. It is always come from the subjects of Government. The history of Liberty is the history of resistance. -- Woodrow Wilson

                        • resheyeh
                          resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 14th August 2017'

                          Kenya opposition leader defies pressure to concede defeat

                          After criticism, White House says Trump condemns KKK, neo-Nazis

                          [This is a classic no-win for Trump. Alienate him from his political base (however extreme) or paint him as a fascist for refusing to refute them.

                          I can't help but feel that this was, to some extent, a staged event to change the focus of the news agenda whilst causing political turmoil which perpetuates division, and thus stymies a consensus on action against the embedded, self-enriching and entrenched crooks in Washington.

                          Keep the statues, keep the monuments, it's tradition no matter how ugly, it should stand as a reminder of brother-against-brother fomented by usurious foreign powers and the abnegation of human-rights, for profit.

                          You can't prevent people from wanting to retreat and live in the past, if they cannot understand the multi-faceted present. If they want to be ostriches to the roots of the problem, let them pick at leaves, and i'll leave the 'cottoning-on' metaphor out of it.]


                          A New Generation of White Supremacists Emerges in Charlottesville

                          3,000 swell protest over Netanyahu graft probes

                          "Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations were also held in a number of other cities, among them Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba and Ashdod and Modiin."

                          "Netanyahu accused the left and the media of using ever-widening corruption investigations against him and his family to try to oust him from power in what he called “a coup against the government.”"

                          [But not against a kickback-accepting, media manipulating, influence peddling, division-creating, terrorist supporting crook.]


                          Syria suicide blast kills 23 rebel fighters near Jordan border

                          More Details Appear About Tiger Forces Airlanding Operation Behind ISIS Lines (Video, Photos) [Syria]

                          Four UAE Soldiers Die In Helicopter Crash In Yemen

                          Reuters Suggests But Can Not Find “Iran’s new route to Yemen”

                          Iran to boost missile defence

                          Is Alexa spying on us? We're too busy to care — and we might regret that

                          Mini-Drones To Detect Satellite Phones To Boost Counter-Insurgency Capabilities Of Security Forces Across Globe

                          "The technology is based on the usage of mini drones and can turn a wide range of aircraft into signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection platforms."


                          A Legal and Policy Risk Analysis of the Erik Prince Plan to Privatize War in Afghanistan

                          Danish submarine 'deliberately sunk'

                          Stolen Russian S-200 Missile Explodes After Being Sold For Scrap

                          US Launches Quiet Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

                          [As has Google in cloudflaring any site with crypto or bitcoin in it's title, presumably because they don't monopoly control the technology.]


                          Good Lord  Former UK spy boss backs crypto

                          The Fate of Online Trust in the Next Decade

                          "We didn’t focus on how you could wreck this system intentionally [when designing the internet]." -- Vinton Cerf

                          [Then you fail as an engineer AND an anthropologist.]


                          Tropical Storm Gert forms in Atlantic Ocean

                          USGS Warns California Needs Close Monitoring Of 8 Active Volcanoes

                          Volcanic eruptions:

                          Sangay, Ecuador 12th
                          Klyuchevskoy, Russia 12th
                          Kerinci, Indonesia 13th
                          Reventador, Ecuador 13th
                          Karymsky, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia 13th

                          • ura soul
                            ura soul let out a shout

                            we all must find the truth in our own hearts and in our own way - only then can we be free from deliberate distortions!
                            • ura soul

                              Testing Of 5G Wi-Fi Troubles Cows. Should We Be Concerned Too? | Let's Raise Awareness
                              5 Dutch dairy farmers in Stitswerd, Groningen, witnessed a mystery on Saturday, January 28. Several hundreds of cows from the 5 dairy farmers simultaneously started running riot without a clear cause. The cows bumped into each other and the fences...