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      • ura soul
        ura soul let out a shout

        #enlightenment is only understanding. understanding is literally the light of consciousness and so enlightenment is the expansion of our own light and understanding.
        • SoulFish
          SoulFish published a new thought: 'Rose Rock'

          Rose Rock

          Aka: Gypsum Rose, Desert Rose

          This mineral will quiet worries and still the mind. It helps one organize and filter outside distractions that have created habitual blockages. Rose Rock is used to dissolve programming put upon us by outside forces and then sometimes enforced by us. There are also the programs we settle in for, usually outdated patterns that no longer serve forward movement. This can also apply to old programs that are over-used.

          Rose Rock has been known to enhance mental ability and clarity increasing intuitive perception of all kinds, this makes it a good rock to enhance psychic capabilities. It’s also helpful for strength during meditation or affirmation. It provides empowerment in that it gives one the strength to stand their ground and get through difficult times.

          It is of benefit to the proper alignment of the spine and overall skeletal system and has been said to be of benefit in easing epileptic seizures as well.

          Rose Rock is good for protection, prosperity and purification. It is said to neutralize negative energy or even clear it entirely from objects or from people. It helps remove energy blockages to assist with clarity of mind and making good decisions thus enhancing mental acuity. It helps one to stay focused and remain optimistic while still being realistic.

          Rose Rocks have been used in past as talismans as it was thought that each one had its own spirit or guardian that would protect its bearer and help them to overcome fears  all the while boosting self-confidence.

          • SoulFish
            SoulFish published a new thought: 'Mookaite Jasper'

            Mookaite Jasper

            This type of Australian Jasper encourages journeys of all kinds, whether they are physical, spiritual or mental and it encourages calm by helping bring balance to these three areas of life.

            It helps one to focus their personal power and awakens instincts when it comes to knowing what path to take as one walks their path.  Feeling this empowerment results in increased feelings of self-worth and boosts confidence. Said to be associated with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will and of personal power.

            Emotionally, it helps with stress brought on by deep seated issues as it is helpful in handling core issues that may have been put off too long. The general calming effect it has is helpful with this process as it helps one maintain a calm state of mind while you examining, processing and releasing negative experiences and unhealthy attachments. This state of calm also opens the door to moving forward a better person for having learned things of value from experience. It also paves the way to move forward confidently knowing which direction you are meant to be going in. It helps one accept challenges rather than shy away from them which creates a desire for new experiences. It also helps with acceptance of the changes that need to be made to take those new paths.

            Mookaite is said to boost the immune system and increase the life force by countering the effects of aging. It has a restorative effect where there has been damage to tissue. It treats cystitis, high blood sugar and disorders of the kidneys and bladder. It also has the action of supporting proper fluid intake and balancing mineral content within the body.

            Mookaite comes in varied shades of yellows, reds, purples and even whites. I’m still looking into definitive information regarding the wide array of colors this beautiful stone can be. I know that with plants and healing it can make a difference. For example, say clover is good for the blood; red clover’s action is more to move the blood, while white clover is better for tonifying the blood, that isn’t only applicable to clover either. Nature is a smart cookie, as I am predominantly an herbalist I know this to be true, I think it will be fascinating to learn how this is applicable in relation to crystals.

            • SoulFish
              SoulFish published a new thought: 'Rose Quartz'

              Rose Quartz

              Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and is often associated with unconditional types of love. A lot of people immediately think of weddings but this includes familial love as well. This stone is thought to encompass such emotions as compassion, nourishment, tenderness, peace and healing.

              Rose Quartz has a dissolving effect on emotions that don’t serve the proper manifestation of unconditional love. Fears associated with resentments, holding grudges and emotional wounds of all kinds are diminished. Rose quartz also stimulates creativity as it inspires love of beauty as well as other kinds of love. The imagination is inspired by all art forms from writing to music to painting, photography and many more.

              Since it is well known it is a good stone to enhance love relationships of a romantic I’d like to point out its value in the enhancement of one’s ability to form relationships via better communication that comes from a place of universal love not just romantic love. Rose quartz contributes to the dissolution of anger, fear and resentment which helps with actually listening, real communication and compassion for the concerns of others all are enhanced and negativity is replaced with hope.

              It has been reported to offer a nurturing and calmness for people whose mothers have passed on as it is itself a mothering crystal. The nurturing quality it has makes it a good stone for anyone who hasn’t had much love in their lives, especially the type of love this stone is resonant with, that familial and unconditional bond. It also can refer to universal love, the bind that connects everything to everything else.

              It helps when someone has restlessness during sleep and promotes soothing dreams.  It is an all around calming and reassuring stone to carry for anyone having experienced upheaval, especially of a traumatic nature. This upheaval can be in the physical, mental or spiritual aspects of life and manifest in a number of ways but Rose Quartz strengthen empathy and sensitivity so it helps in acceptance of necessary and inevitable change. It balances yin and yang energies as well and thus promotes a healthy balance between the physical and the spiritual.

              For protection against gossip and anyone with malicious intent, a medium to large sized piece of unpolished rose quartz being somewhere in the room will help. For example, if co-workers are problematic one could be kept on your desk.

              Rose quartz also helps people who have had their hearts broken or have been betrayed, again, not just with love of a romantic nature but any unconditional bond of love that has been taken advantage of and misused. All of this also makes it a good stone for people who have been raped. Overall, it helps one to forgive themselves for past mistakes and have the strength to not accept blame others try to pin on them in an attempt to off-load accountability for their own inadequacies.

              • SoulFish
                SoulFish published a new thought: 'Labradorite'


                Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic. A stone of Shamans and Mystics, diviners and healers as well as all those who travel in this world and in others seeking out wisdom, experience and guidance. Labradorite is a good stone for getting in touch with ones best self by awakening awareness of inner spirit and enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. It is often referred to as Moonstone’s dark twin and they do have much in common.

                Labradorite is often referred to as Moonstone's dark twin...

                Labradorite is one of the top protective stones offering protection in this world and in others. Wearing it is also thought to enhance mental and intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and some manifestations of divination.

                There is an enhancement of communication and of comprehension. It also provides more ease in moving between the worlds and helps us understand those worlds by enhancing communication with guides and boosting understanding of “Akashic records,” psychic reading and past life recall. Not only does it ease travels but it also ensures a safe and grounded return.

                It is thought to weaken the negative side of our temperament thus bringing out the best in people. Labradorite helps people who tend to fall into bad habits by It reducing anti-social, reckless and impulsive behavior. This is especially true of behavior that is brought at the urging of others, so if someone is easily influenced by others, Labradorite will help them make their own decisions.

                Labradorite is helpful to people who use their hands to do healing work such as reflexology, massage or varied types of hands on healing, such as Reiki. It is associated with the lungs, eyes and metabolism. It enhances mental acuity while reducing stress and is helpful to calm an overactive mind while energizing the imagination. It can help with pain relief as well as symptoms of PMS.

                It helps with the feeling of being drained by daily routine, the feeling that it’s all hard work with little or no reward, the feeling of being stuck in a rut, weighed down by responsibility. A sense of adventure is often awakened and the result is often change for the better.

                Labradorite has been referred to as the Matriarch of the subconscious mind and functions to bring forgotten memories into the light and then facilities their understanding. It also encourages contemplation and introspection bringing clarity to the mental process while enhancing intuition and dispelling illusion.

                • SoulFish
                  SoulFish published a new thought: 'Selenite'


                  Selenite is crystallized gypsum and is generally used for good luck and protection. It will clean, open and activate from the crown chakra up which makes it an excellent choice for  spiritual workings of any kind as it eases connections to higher frequencies or higher realms. They bring clear sight and have been used in past to make windows.

                  There are Selenite windows in the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome.

                  Selenite absorbs and then releases negativity, anxiety and worries which helps to stabilize and balance the emotional body. Energy blockages being removed from the body, although they are energetic in nature, do effect the physical body in varied positive ways depending upon where the blockage was. It is a good stone of reconciliation and is even useful in resolving issues not just in the past but also in past lives.

                  It has been known not only to help with reconciliation in regard to past lives but has been used to tap into past lives to learn a skill they had in a past life. Selenite makes it possible to be open to memories  from the past life, memories of using  a skill or skills, that we can carry over into our current incarnation.

                  Just like it absorbs and releases negativity to stabilize the emotional body it can do the same in the home. If you participate in such activities as cleansing your home, say for example with sage to drive negativity or “bad spirits” away, after doing such a cleansing you can place selenite in the windowsills and near doorways to prevent that negativity from coming back in.

                  It is associated with the Moon.

                  • SoulFish
                    SoulFish published a new thought: 'Hematite'


                    Most known for how it absorbs negativity and calms in times of stress. It’s also a very protective stone and helps one to stay grounded even in situations that are unexpected. For these reasons it is good to take with when traveling  no matter where those travels take you.

                    It is thought to balance the meridians and have a cooling effect on the body so it helps with stress, insomnia, nervous problems and spinal alignment.

                    It brings protection into the home as well by turning negative energy into positive vibration. It also promotes positive communications as it induces mental organization, in other words, being able to sort out your priorities. The clarity of mind helps focus not just with communications with others, also as a useful tool for meditation as it is soothing and grounding.

                    Emotionally, hematite decreases negativity and helps restore balance between the mind, body and spirit connection. It boosts self esteem and confidence and is said to be aligned with the root chakra. It is also thought that one should keep hematite away from water though I haven’t quite figured out a reason for that.

                    • SoulFish
                      SoulFish published a new thought: 'Black Tourmaline'

                      Black Tourmaline

                      Aka: Schrol

                      Repels and blocks negative energies. Transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration and promotes a sense of empowerment and self confidence. This function of turning negative energy into positive is great for when you have to deal with people who like to stir the pot, in other words, people who like drama. Black tourmaline will protect you from people who moan and groan about life, who complain about their lot but take no action to better the situation.

                      Black tourmaline helps in times of feeling hopeless. It helps when people feel suicidal and aids in the release of chronic worry and feelings of unworthiness. It inspires a positive attitude and increases physical vitality. Often these feelings are brought on by having to live among those who are not awakened to the same things you are, carrying the stone with you helps with that.

                      Aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing throughout the system. It calms panic attacks, especially those caused by small dark spaces or feeling backed into a corner. It helps with other fears as well like fear of doctors or dentists, though I could wear a body suit of it and still be a little put off by their lot.

                      Carrying this stone helps one to have a more objective and clear view of the world. It is of great benefit to folks who live or work in a challenging environment. It is good to have around when facing any difficult circumstances. Just holding one for a few minutes will help one to focus whether it be in a high pressure environment or during meditation. It also balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain and aligns mental processes.

                      Black tourmaline can easily be charged by heating (pyroelectricity) or rubbing it (piezoelectricity). It is said that once it is charged one end becomes positive, the other negative allowing it to attract or repel small bits of paper, or more famously, ash. Black tourmaline is known for turning negative energy to positive energy but if there are inclusions of mica in it, and if that negativity is coming at you from someone else, it will send that negative energy right back to them.

                      Black tourmaline provides protection while performing rituals or doing other workings. Used effectively for scrying and as a pendulum, especially if you want it to point you in the right direction.

                      Finally, black tourmaline shields against environmental pollutants and radiation associated with mobile phones and computers. I has been reported to be helpful to those who have motion sickness and even restore luster and shine to hair and nails. It is associated with alleviating trouble with the lower back, legs, ankles, feet and spinal alignment. It helps with pain relief and assists with torn or strained muscles, arthritis and scar tissue. It strengthens the heart, immune system and adrenal glands as well.

                      • SoulFish
                        SoulFish published a new thought: 'Celestite'


                        Aka: Celestine

                        Celestite is revered for its high frequency and divine energy which is subtle and penetrating yet gentle. It is a powerful healing crystal and has proven very effective for those who practice reiki.

                        Traditionally it is associated with angels and is said to have been imbued with consciousness raising and powers of guidance from the angels themselves. It is said to have strong metaphysical properties that can be of help for folks working to develop psychic abilities, especially clairaudience. It is a stone of truth. When you hold one in your hand you can better sense when people are lying to you.

                        It has the means to prevent one form being distracted by outside noise and distraction when one is trying to meditate. It is also a really helpful tool for astral travel. It purifies the aura and some say it is associated with the crown and throat chakras. This is a stone of spiritual advancement and has been used in working with chakras 8 through 10.

                        It’s really helpful if you have to speak publicly as it provides emotional protection and decreases negative energy. It also helps one to organize information and easily filter out whatever won’t be useful to good communication. It’s also good for writers for much the same reason, it helps to process and  organize thoughts. Celestite can calm anger and create feelings of peace and serenity. It is also useful for dream recall.

                        It has been reported to help with eye problems, mental disorders, stress related disorders, ear problems, proper cellular function, eliminating toxins, thyroid and digestive issues. Celestite promotes health of the physical and astral body, it opens one to healing of all kinds.

                        • SoulFish
                          SoulFish published a new thought: 'Sodalite'


                          Sodalite is a stone of logic, rationality and efficiency. It stimulates clear thought and enhances communication making it helpful for group work of any sort. It’s also great to heal previous breaches in communication that may have had negative outcome. Simply out, it brings out the truth, in point of fact, it brings out the truth in all communications in this world and in others with the overall tone that so long as you have done your best, the truth shouldn’t hinder you. In that way it encourages one to always do their best.

                          Sodalite also brings about creativity and can bring out latent talents stimulating abilities previously ignored. It is very useful for teachers, writers and students of all areas of study. It helps one understand deeper philosophical principles which opens the door to the development of intuition and the awakening of psychic abilities. It also helps to keep anxiety at bay.

                          Sodalite is said to enhance the third eye chakra and pineal gland.

                          Carrying sodalite reduces negativity and protects from external negative influences. Spiritual understanding and acceptance are increased and those external forces, things you have no control over, no longer hamper growth. Brutal truths will be revealed in meditation and processing them then going forward with new insight, new eyes to see with, is eased by using sodalite, it is a grounding stone.

                          • ura soul
                            ura soul published a new thought: 'What is heartlessness?' in the zone: free will & non conformity

                            What is heartlessness?

                            Heartlessness is the absence of heart. This is meant in the sense of the literal energetic state of the individual. Individuals may have a physical heart but it is possible for their heart to not be involved in their thought/will/action/emotional life processes. The heart is the balancing centre in the human energy system and it is the location/organ where thoughts and emotions are bonded in harmony. If there is no bonding occurring, then thoughts exist without the guidance of emotion/intuition and can become psychopathic and lost. In such a disturbed state, the emotions can be unbalanced and destructive - lacking the insight provided by the thinking parts of self. Thought and emotion need to be balanced in the heart. A state of heartlessness exists when denial within the self causes thoughts and emotions to separate and the most common cause of this is due to our mind deciding it's ok to choose not to feel some of our real feelings.

                            The french word for heart is cœur, which is where english gets 'courage' from. This is reflective of the way that a strong hearted individual will be strong in all ways and courageous. The right balance of spirit and will that occur when thoughts and emotions are harmonically aligned in the heart is a foundation from which strength of all kinds can be born and continue to expand. The way to ensure a healthy heart bond is to be consistent in the choice to unconditionally accept all emotions. You can read more on this subject here.

                            wishing you well!


                            • ura soul

                              @Chance - thanks! What i have learned regarding helping others who are trapped by so many incomplete and unloving thought patterns and behaviours is that if their heart is not in 'it' (the change) then no change can or will occur. This means that they need to be emotionally activated (triggered) somehow in order to stimulate the change that is needed for them to come into balance. I personally do not deliberately seek to emotionally trigger others to achieve this unless there is agreement that this is OK. I am though, willing to completely dispense with any kind of social 'nicety' that says i shouldn't share the real horrors of life with people in order to somehow protect them. I have no problem at all with showing photos of the torture chambers and barbarism involved in the meat / dairy industry and i will show them to children too - since it is only the total denial of the subject that causes so many children to gradually lose touch with their childish and innocent love of animals and gradually replace it with heartless indifference. If they know and feel the truth early enough, then they may hold onto that deep connection into adulthood. The same is true with health and illness in general.

                              Empowerment is needed though, rather than an onslaught of depressing truths and i feel that nutrition and emotional processing are the absolute keys to this - along with understandings that can be shared through our own ongoing balancing process. It would be really great to create physical spaces where the principles of real balance can be felt and experienced by visitors - such as has been done in a small number of animal sanctuaries i am aware of and a vegan children's home in tanzania. It is unlikely that anyone who visits these places and who can still feel at all will go away unchanged and unmotivated to create healthful change.

                              Would it not be helpful if individuals involved in these institutions began exercising personal choice and internal sovereignty, to choose something different than simply "whatever profits is best?"

                              Yes, certainly that is part of the solution - however, there is a mixture of emotional and psychological dysfunction involved that ranges from a submissive state that will simply bow down to whoever is thought to be 'above' - through to total psychopathic intent to manipulate and overpower others. Major emotional healing is needed now for all of us and particularly these ones - however, they are unlikely to do so voluntarily until they no longer hold any power over others and thus it falls to those of us outside of the institutions to make the called for changes. Those within the institutions who do wake up are commonly sidelined and even sacked for being a dissenting voice.

                              recognizing that which must be denied is required to prevent further negative outcomes from choices that will seemingly benefit the self but harm the all

                              Denial is the absence of what is needed and it's correction does not necessary imply that what was denied must be accepted. We can deny giving our acceptance to something that is true and thus deny the truth. We can also deny something problematic the chance to effect us and we can do that in a balanced way - however, it is possible to choose to deny reality in an attempt to make improvements and it is that form of denial that is the major problem. Additionally, this often occurs unconsciously and thus the denier has no awareness of the presence of denial. They may also deny their own denials, making the situation extremely perilous and impossible to change while those denials exists. In other words, when i use the word 'denial' i generally use it to refer to the false belief that an aspect of reality does not exist or is not as it truly is - as opposed to the slightly different meaning where it is perceived that 'something' has been stopped from manifesting and has thus 'been denied'. In the cases where something has been stopped, i generally describe that as a transformation or just a directing of will as opposed to denial.

                              There is nothing wrong with rejecting that which does not feel good.