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      • ura soul
        ura soul shared the video 'Modern Educayshun' in the zone: free will & non conformity

        Modern Educayshun
        The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness. Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar Instagram & Twitter @neelkolhatkar Produced by Conceptional Media - Assistant Director Adam Krowitz Cast Neel Kolhatkar Cait Burley (Insta cait.bonnie) Caspar Hardaker Romy Bartz Jonathan Lo Jess Sobanski
        • ura soul
          ura soul shared the video 'AV3 - Trevor Gunn - Vaccination' in the zone: holistic healing

          AV3 - Trevor Gunn - Vaccination
          Vaccination: The Evidence and Alternative Ways of Looking at Health Trevor Gunn This is a presentation on the current and historical evidence surrounding the controversial issue of vaccination. By examining the detail as well as the overview, we shall reveal how vaccines affect the physical body, as well as their impact on our mental and emotional faculties. Trevor explores the wider context of disease and immunity, illustrating how current models of thinking have developed with regard to immunisation, immunity and infectious illness. This enables us to see that the scientific evidence does, in fact, point to a more holistic view of disease. This presentation provides insight into the alternative ways of looking at health and disease outside of fear and risk analysis, and a way out of the dilemmas faced by many in their vaccine decisions. Yet, far more significant than exposing severe side-effects or an ineffective intervention, is the impact of conventional medicine on our perception of illness, and ultimately our preconceptions as to what we are capable of as human beings. By investigating not only which ideas and approaches have dominated modern health care, but also why, we shall investigate the psychological, philosophical and commercial pressures that have helped to shape modern medicine and continue to shape us as human beings. Filmed at The Alternative View 3 Event in Bristol - November 2009
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            • Gerlin
              Gerlin added the image 'Los imprescinbles' to the album 'Comunidad'.

              Hombres que luchan toda una vida. Las mejores cosechas.
              Los imprescinbles
              • Gerlin
                Gerlin added the image 'Albert Einstein' to the album 'Comunidad'.

                Aportes al mundo y al desarrollo social:\r\nPor qué el socialismo? (Artículo publicado en 1949)
                Albert Einstein
                • ura soul

                  X PHARMACY GP SALES REP SPEAKS WE ARE TRAINED TO MISINFORM; THE DRUGS ARE DANGEROUS Australian Medical Association Australian Health Practitioner News Prescription
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                    • innerverse

                      4.4 - The Source of Inspiration with Matt Presti
                      Matt Presti is the current president of the University of Science and Philosophy. In this episode we discuss the dynamics of self-discovery and divinely inspired illumination by exploring the ideas of great thinkers like Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, and other spiritual avatars of history. Matt's strong grasp on philosophy makes him a powerful teacher of self-directed development, and his eclectic artistic expressions range from musical masterpieces to video presentations, and that's just the tip of the Presti-burg.\r\nEpisode Notes ( 
                      • ura soul

                        Free Money - STEEM VS The pound @ The Bank of Monopoly
                        We continue trying to give away free money. In this episode, we pitch up in one of the arches of the Bank of Monopoly (England) one morning. Go to to get an account and some free STEEM. Follow me at www.steemit/@dannyshine and use tags promo-steem and promofree-steem and email me at for some upvotes once you have posted your first post. Let me know if you are a vegan and you'll get more. Thanks to for videography and editing. Thanks to for playing the banker so well. here are a couple of links to lots of great materials to get you going. Please also watch these previous films. Steemit is by no means perfect but I prefer it to the silly system we have to live in. VLOG: Crypto & Blockchain Series - STEEM Is Money a Scam?
                        • resheyeh
                          resheyeh published a new thought: 'News Headlines 1st February 2018'

                          Iran's Khamenei in serious condition: Sources

                          How The US Empire Has Colluded With al-Qaeda For 30 Years To Bring Terror To The World

                          BBC Brexit BIAS: Two thirds of guests on flagship shows are Remainers

                          Trey Gowdy, Who Led House Benghazi Inquiry, Will Not Seek Re-election

                          [Up to his eyeballs.]


                          Alzheimer's: Brain implant could improve cognitive function

                          [First they will sell you hell as progress. Potential robots; sign on the dotted line.]


                          Anything to confess? Aussie Catholics will be branded foreign agents, bishops warn (VIDEO)

                          The Cabinet Files reveal national security breaches, NBN negotiations, welfare reform plans

                          India launches third Scorpène-class submarine

                          Ford files a patent for an autonomous police car

                          Last Two FBI Heads Downplay US Surveillance Capability

                          The surveillance society is here, and what you can do to protect yourself

                          ICE Finally Gets The Nationwide License Plate Database It's Spent Years Asking For

                          Minnesota Supreme Court Says Unlocking A Phone With A Fingerprint Isn't A Fifth Amendment Issue

                          The alphabet agencies: Mass surveillance and the memory hole

                          Bitcoin FOMO: The Bubble is Real

                          • ura soul

                            Every Avalanche Begins With a Single Snowflake - Ending Addictions, Building Personal Vibrance & Increasing ESTEEM!

                            We generally understand that if a warning light flashes up on our car dashboard then there is probably a real problem of some kind that needs to be fixed and simply removing the light bulb from the warning light is not going to achieve anything - plus might result in the car being damaged or us being killed. There is a direct comparison to be made between the warning lights in a car and the way that our feelings guide us towards taking action to improve our health and wellbeing...

                            Most have not yet fully learned the value of their internal, magnetic, emotional compass and, in truth, are fully engaged in removing their emotional warning light bulbs on a daily basis. This has become so epidemic that the regular result has been that death and ill health are now 'normalised' so that many people don't even accept that alternatives to such suffering are possible and yet they are.

                            Examples of our own emotional, feeling based warning lights are pain (physical/emotional/psychological), anxiety, depression and constant confusion. All of these are commonly blocked out by use of drugs, alcohol and other activities that can be involved with addictive patterns such as shopping, watching TV or even shouting at other people! The moment that we bypass the feeling and it's trigger in favor of repeating an ingrained habit pattern, we have missed our chance for freedom, happiness and a brighter future - we wouldn't do this with our car because the warning light is well understood and  we have a driver's manual (or at least other people to point out that the lights are important)... Yet with emotions, the collective awareness within humanity is sadly lacking and many of us never really even think about this side of who we are at all.

                            You might think that the drugs and alcohol give us a boost that is desirable and in some ways that might appear to be true - but here's another description that I think is true in many ways and simply by understanding it we might all be taking steps towards a collective AHA moment - Ureka!


                            Many of Us Were BORN With our Warning Lights Flashing!


                            Yes, most/many of us carry trauma with us from the moment we are born - whether from the birth process itself or from experiences in the womb or, in fact, from past life experiences too. Whether you accept past lives as being real for you or not, the reality of what I am describing hear can be felt none the less. What does it mean then when we use drugs/alcohol in a state where we have always been out of balance and don't really know what real balance even is?

                            It is well known that the 'boost' that drugs/alcohol can give us usually comes with a price attached - which might be feeling lethargic in the following days or other forms of illness. It is my experience that if the body and mind are healthy, balanced and strong then there may be little to no obvious 'price' to pay, but at the same time the 'high' will also be less significant because to some extent we were already 'high on life' to begin with. In fact, in some cases the drugs will bring us down since their 'price' outweighs their 'high'/'boost' effect for fully balanced and healthy people. The endorphin rush that some drugs trigger can also be triggered just through exercise and deep breathing (movement) - yet how many people think about that when visiting a bar to drink alcohol? Not so many in my experience.


                            Disconnecting The Lights Without Even Noticing


                            Given that we already have warning lights flashing (emotionally) that we aren't really paying any attention to, it is easy to understand why we might use drugs/alcohol to unconsciously disconnect the bulb of our warning lights, to disconnect from real feelings and to instead try to create an alternate reality where we temporarily feel better. However, if this approach really worked, the changes would be longer lived, yet they are not because all we are doing is being distracted from the source of our suffering for a while in a way that is chemical and which over-rides our subtle senses so that from our point of perception the problems appear to go away.

                            Those with enough experience will know some of this already, yet it is helpful to think about how many opportunities we regularly miss for improving our wellbeing that will truly resolve our problems permanently, while we judgmentally rule out such possibilities as 'too hard', 'impossible' or other judgements that hold us away from real change and healing.

                            In truth, every belief which states that we cannot be changed deeply so that our problems truly end is it's own hindrance for us and can be just as dangerous as disconnecting a warning light in a car in favor of diagnosing and fixing the fault. So too can the use of drugs/alcohol and other addiction forming behaviors also be equivalent to disconnecting those pesky warning lights... But being aware that this is the case is an essential first step towards real and lasting balance.


                            Meeting real needs


                            We all have our own needs that we must meet in order to be healthy and balanced and it is for each of us to dive into who we are to find what they are for ourselves. Just realising that our own mind is heavily skewed towards self destructive thinking and beliefs about who we are and what is possible for us is itself a needed step towards success. Once this is understood fully we can draw our awareness more inward and look for the causes of and solutions to our problems in life inside of us, rather than 'out there' with 'things' and chemicals. It is true that we often need to make changes in our 'outer' life too in order to find balance, but without starting inside of us, the outer changes will be wide of the mark.

                            My whole hearted suggestion is to learn to start to value your own energy and essence more and view your body and all aspects of self as being sacred - meaning that they are of the absolute highest value. In doing this you might then start to use your conscious awareness to pay more attention to your own self/energy than you do to all the distractions 'out there' - many of which are only there to try to extract cash from your wallet. Once you change some key patterns to claim more of your own energy away from the things you have been giving it to and then redirect that energy towards increasing your own balance and awareness of self - you will have taken significant steps towards healing your heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, relationships and the Earth too!

                            Every avalanche begins with a single snowflake!

                            Wishing you well,
                            Ura Soul

                            • ura soul

                              How to End/Heal Your Fear. Ending Fear Is Necessary for Survival!

                              I previously wrote about how the origin of fear is in the denial of your own power - whether that power be to survive, create what we prefer, to be loved or whatever else concerns us. Given that this definition and understanding is not commonly held by many of us, we tend to hold a variety of misunderstood and denied fears which hold us back in life and which cause us untold limitation and suffering. When we have a way to understand our emotions, we can work with them and help them to heal, balance and evolve - which frees us up to be happier, more powerful and to succeed more in what we choose to be doing; when we are ignorant of the ways of our emotions, we have no choice but to continue to suffer.

                              Through understanding that fear is a response to having denied our own power in some way, we open the door to finding how we have denied our power and making changes which end that denial - bringing power back into us and ending the fear too.

                              In the process of working through emotional issues, it sometimes becomes apparent that there are twists and turns which meant that what would have been a relatively simple emotional issue to clear, instead becomes almost impossible.  For example, when we deny that we have denied something - we have no possible way to end the denial, since to us (in our mind full of deception and error) there is nothing to stop denying .... Even though there is really!

                              What if we are holding beliefs that say that we cannot end our fear? If fear can be a response to beliefs that we don't have enough power, what is the result of thinking that we don't have the power to address our fears or to understand the situation at all? The result is likely to be yet more fear, more denial and more loss of power.. A potentially never ending cycle of self disempowerment. We need to look carefully now at what we are really doing when we think and what we are really feeling.


                              Accepting that you can end fear and increase personal power is necessary now.


                              Fear sucks our energy and limits our thinking and possibilities. It is not wrong to acknowledge our limitations, but that does not need to include with it thoughts which place concrete boundaries around personal power. Just because you appear to not have enough power to solve a problem today, does not mean you won't gain power and be able to solve the problem in the future - so it is important to keep an open enough mind to allow changes to occur which 'seem' impossible.

                              If you allow yourself to be frightened of fear and of addressing your fear, then you are stuck. If you open your mind you will see how limiting this can be, yet it is fear that is partially closing the mind. We need to increase our own awareness of our own state of being first and foremost to address this self-created trap. By setting strong willed intentions to heal your fear and to increase self acceptance and honesty/open-ness in the process, it becomes possible to set a chain of transformational events in motion which will lead you into more of your parts that you need to feel and access in order to heal and free up more of your emotions.

                              By accepting that fear can be healed and accepting that you are not wrong/bad/weak/foolish for having created fear, you can begin to nurture your aspects back to health. All beliefs which say that you cannot do this must be found and allowed to be released - this may sound simple, but we are often only partially aware/conscious of everything that we are thinking and so this process may take a while as deeper layers of previously unconscious thoughts and parts of self begin to receive the light of consciousness.


                              A simple process for healing fear


                              Until we have direct experience of this process it can sound complicated and intimidating, but intimidation is just another way that fear has of changing our direction in life - there is no need to be timid here and just noticing how you feel when you are timid can be enough to lead you into peace and greater awareness of the CAUSES of your feelings (which are usually thoughts that do not serve you).

                              To simplify and clarify what I am pointing to here, I have put together a few points that can work together to help:

                              - Do not avoid your fear. Feelings are here to help you and they only SEEM problematic because we avoid them and just like an untended garden, that's when they can become gnarly instead of beautiful.
                              - End denial. Part of accepting fear and all of self involves accepting that you have been denying real feelings, including fear. Noticing where you have been denying things is the first step to stopping denying them.
                              - Feel the fear and ask it what it needs. Our emotions are conscious and can actually express as thoughtforms with voices inside of us. Essentially, they will usually be saying what we ourselves would say if we were to scream while expressing the emotion. When you ask this part of you what you need there, if you have a loving intent, you may receive answers about what needs to change before the emotions can be free to change in response.
                              - Prioritise your emotions above your outer reality. Our modern world is overloading our senses with advertising and information as people vie for our attention and thus our money. Most of this is not helpful for us and distracts us from what we really need to be attentive to. It would be a huge tragedy if we were to lose our own beauty due to us ignoring our real feelings because we were distracted by marketing for fizzy drinks and so on.  By being aware of how your point of focus is drawn towards bright lights and other triggers that distract away from how you feel inside, you can begin to change your patterns so that your focus is more inward and more respecting of your inner world and senses.
                              - Allow your feelings to vibrate as sound in private. Every emotion has a sound signature that needs to be made by the body for the emotion to truly get moving, be freed and to quickly evolve. Not everyone is loving and accepting enough to allow others to do this without ridiculing them or judging them. Such people do not serve you and privacy is key when starting to get these emotions in motion!

                              Wishing you well,
                              Ura Soul