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tips for balance

balancing the yin and yang brings full spectral joyMany of us are emotionally and mentally injured, scarred and hurting in a variety of ways. We need to allow balance - yet we do not always allow ourselves to notice. With this in mind, to co-create great online experiences, we need to consciously choose to allow the integrity and compassion that are necessary to support real balance.

Since this community is oriented to healing and is intended to support the choosing of loving choices, while honoring the reality of all that is within us - this page contains a list of observations that are recognised here to be truth and that can be useful to notice and apply if you desire balance.

- They are not rules and you are not required to stick to them for you to be involved in the community here. they are, however, wisdom from a heart that intends true balance.
we all need balance, like these balancing rocks

  • Balance is defined to be where 'no-one and no aspect/part of anyone is being overpowered in any way'.
  • Holistic balance cannot be achieved without the heart being consciously allowed to be fully awakened, open, aligned & communicating with all of self.
  • We are all co-creators of reality and create subjective realities; thus no-one is obliged to agree with anyone else.
  • Ridicule is not a sign of wisdom.
  • Probability is not truth: the use of probability implies gaps in comprehension/knowing. Precise truth is necessary and is not found through successful use of probability and the associated speculation.
  • Denial is a primary cause of error and dysfunction. denial of denial is extremely damaging and must be reversed for healing to commence.
  • Change is a constant: an evolving consciousness allows for an evolving reality and for continually greater experiences to be lived.
  • Self acceptance of all of 'who we are' is a requirement of success, balance and well-being.
  • Motivations for attacks are commonly caused by self hatred within the attacker. Commonly, the attacker seeks to destroy the reflection of his/her own energy that is reflected in some way by the recipient of the attacks. In choosing to acknowledge that 'the other' may be reflecting part of us back to us and by then choosing to locate and accept that part in us, we can heal us instead of causing further imbalance by attacking.
  • Unconditional emotional expression is a requirement of balance and of unconditional love. Making sounds with the body, in a safe area, is a necessary part of expressing our true feelings and is usually more beneficial than tapping keys at the computer/internet. Making sounds with the body allows movement and prevents stagnation.

 * This list changes and evolves - if you disagree with any items or wish to see more added, then let your desires be known in the community!