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    The homepage displays the most resonated (liked) posts on Ureka from the last few months, so all that's necessary to make your posts visible there is to make your post and resonate it! Since the site is quite quiet at the moment, you may find that your own resonance is enough to make the post visible there - otherwise you may need to gain more resonance from other members of Ureka before your post becomes visible on the homepage.

    If you don't want your post to be visible on the homepage, just set it's privacy level to be non public.

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      • cataleptik

        by cataleptik

        i'm convinced of the genius of this site and its' intentions, now.

        i was years ago, but now, with the changes...especially the way Face Book was looking in headlines in 2018...


        i wasn't hallucinating:  Face Book lost more money than ANYTHING ever lost before in the stock market!

        (Oh, to be on the "stocks" and affixed by "bonds"...)

        Face Book is bidding farewell to a year plagued by privacy scandals and internal turmoil. On the last trading day of 2018, the stock closed at $131.09 per share, down 25.7 percent for the year. The stock ended the year lower than the previous one for the first time since its debut on the public market in 2012.

        In 2018, a series of events soured public opinion on a company that has long prided itself on connecting people to one another. A movement to #deletefacebook trended on rival social media platforms, the company's top executives were asked to testify in front of legislators from around the globe and the heads of two of Facebook's most successful brands, Instagram and WhatsApp, stepped down. Investors took notice. Facebook's market cap closed 2018 around $376 billion compared to nearly $513 billion the previous year.

        Prior to some of the major privacy revelations, Facebook's stock hit its first speed bump of the year in January after announcing changes to its News Feed that would prioritize content from users' friends and family over brands they follow. Facebook's stock plunged 4 percent the day after the announcement after CEO Mark Zuckerberg warned investors to expect engagement to decline slightly as a result of the change.


        The stock really began to tumble in March when a whistleblower revealed that U.K.-based political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica collected the data of more than 50 million Facebook users without their permission and used it to target voters for Donald Trump's campaign in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The reports, which would prove to be the first of many privacy stumbles for Facebook, sent the stock crashing 7 percent on March 19, with its market value cratering nearly $36 billion.

        Many users, feeling burned by Facebook for failing to protect their data, pledged to delete their accounts. Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp who joined Facebook by way of acquisition and announced his departure in 2017, tweeted to his 21,000 followers, "It is time. #deletefacebook."

        • cataleptik

          by cataleptik

          i want nothing to DO with that, uh, shit!  i never have!

          and before all that Russia/Putin yecch/whatever started happening?   i was getting

          emails telling me about my account there.  which i NEVER EVER created!

          as if i was supposed to be weakminded and feel glad that something had been created

          just for me that i never created that was mine and yeccch....


          i feel good about Face Book shrivelling and going away, kind of like what happened

          to Geocities and Netscape.  and, this site, this ureka reminds me of some sort of

          supernova, cosmic phenomenon,

          exploding with good intentions in all directions.  and yeah,

          i realised while Uranus was retrograde in the second half of 2018 that it was time

          to think about that.  i have an entire folder, that, were it paper, would be a thick and heavy folder,

          labeled "ureka!" and, well, 

          Uranus Stationary  took place on January 9, in the sign of Pisces, scientifically.

          It's going to retrograde, soon, as well, again, I believe.   Uranus, the Ice Giant of genius and inspiration for all,

          ruler of the eleventh house of the collective family of human beings.    way, way out there.

          Jupiter and Mars are Out There, but Neptune and Uranus are Way, Way Out there...


          (I am a Gonzo Astrologer.  For entertainment purposes "only")

          APPARENTLY Uranus is still in the shadow of its Direct/Retrograde/Direct pattern/cycle.   It will have returned to the spot where its' most recent retrograde cycle started around Late Aprillish, I think.   More study is always necessary.




          The ancients had no idea how spaced out the stars in the constellations were, they had no sense of the axis.

          the centaur and the crab, the water-bearer and the ram are illusions, as seen from Earth...but the psychological archetypes that they represent are quite real.   percieving the trends in behaviour, and looking at the stars named after ancestral figures...


          at that time, those beings were not called "myths," they were, to paraphrase Homeros, the "deathless, eternal gods."


          the ancestors of life today, some believe.  it works for me.




          this is awesome, what you've done here, ura soul.

          it almost feels like the entire internet is at one location.  


          i don't know if it's BETTER than FB, but it certainly is not as bad.


          well done!

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