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introduce myself? okay...introduction and confession.


    i wish that when I rolled up, people said "Hey, Cat, whassup?" I guess I have to make a name for myself 

    as far as that is concerned.   Friends call me Marc.  

    cataleptik is a term i use to describe myself as well as a screen name. and i have had fortune in trances and experiences

    in trancendentalism.   and i do prefer William Blake, and hope that when I pass away from the physical planes, that I leave a body of poetry behind that is reminiscent of William Blake's.   So I guess that I am introducing myself as a poet, first, if not foremost.


    It's easy to consider myself a poet because, if i go completely dirt broke, not just toeing the lowermiddleclass poverty line right now, but completely destitute, utterly bereft, i can still be a poet.


    i have lost a lot of poetry.   wrote it down, couldn't keep track of it.

    once I was on a train.  i wrote in my new book, i wrote and wrote. i was on fire.

    spot-on observations about my life at that time, the people around me, 

    metaphors, descriptions, feelings, i was on FIRE~


    and as i got off the train, heard the doors close behind me and realised where

    i had left the book i had just bought, for a moment i considered ways to get to the next station.


    maybe catch up with that book?



    the book of poetry was gone.  and that wasn't the first time or last time that such happened.  i met a writer who stopped writing and started drinking.  she did not like being gifted, she wanted to just drink and stop her mind from having insights.  i pitied her.

    i wrote and wrote and wrote right through my period of being drunk. there were a lot of typographical errors...

    i met another writer who had abandoned the craft.  she said she wanted to be a career writer, but could not stand the idea of being critiicized and never, ever wrote again.


    i study art and artists as well and know that critique, applying critique to ones' self is that thing that improves writers.

    as far as i see things, no writer can really hone their talent into skill WITHOUT critique, and embracing and accepting critique.

    i wonder what was really going on with those writers who gave up on it?   



    the arts, the arts.  after years  of face down binge drunkenness i have quit cold turkey.  stone cold sober for years,

    the first thing i noticed was the weight loss.  twenty pounds, gone.  just like that.  i learned that all people who cut alcohol completely lose a lot of weight,   that feels pretty good.  i have been to the abyss, i hit bottom, as they say.  


    because i am sober, now, i know what that is about.  the bottom. i remember it.   the smell of the gutter, the smell of the piss and the other drunks, the weird, sad smiles and the delusions and fights and 


    yeah, i remember it.  that person who i was, then.   this person who i am now, his vision is more clear.

    his sense of taste is more acute.  he can maintain a point of view from week to week.


    the next time i have a serious good old drunk, i will have something to celebrate. something really awesome.  not sure what.


    my confession here, is: sometimes, i want to

    rip off all my clothes, all my skin and become electronic light.

    then i would dive into the television set to be with glenn close.

    she would be happy to see me.  she would nod, knowingly and we would swim, naked

    made of electrons, away from all the news, and movies, and shows, and everything,

    we'd hold hands and swim into the static together.


    but that's just a dream.


      • cataleptik

        by cataleptik

        today's 13 moon date & kin:

        Resonant Moon Dali 15 
        Kin 91, Blue Cosmic Monkey


        also, I am Rock Chan.


        as in, that's not my name, but I am an exact cross between Jacky Chan and The Rock.


        You really want to see my movies, now, don't you?

        You want to see them, you want to be IN them, don't you?


        I just realised that I was Rock Chan just now, but, it's the truth.

        Expect the worst!  Hope for the best!  Can you smell what I'm cooking?


        It's probably a brown rice recipe...



        oh, as a parting note by way of introduction, since I have tried to get going on this site three times, but I am IN, now, I had technical difficulties and hardware concerns, but "I got it, now,"


        anyone who tells you brown rice is not practical is bogus.  they are thinking with their butt parts.

        think with your Brain,  SOAK that blessed, blessed rice.  Soak it all night.


        It'll cook up quick!   My teriyaki spinach mess can't be beat!


        and message me.  why are we here?

        I want to be YOUR action hero.

        • cataleptik

          by cataleptik

          785 433 5334

          Barack Obama Homeless Outreach (BOHO)

          Call Later

          • cataleptik

            by cataleptik

            zen is,

            ancient, from way way back. no matter how far you go back, zen is from farther back.


            like the philosopher Suzuki tried to tell us all, 'zen mind, beginners' mind.'

            foolish people disparage beginners, or people who want to be something.

            that's foolish and ignorant. everyone who did anything was first a 'wannabe.'


            and the 'beginners' mind is the mind of the creator,

            of the supreme simplicity the original mind.

            or as the philosopher Yamaguchi spoke, benefitting countless beings,

            "I'm just a beginner at love."


            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              haha, amazing introduction.. that was a whole 'movie' or 'move me' in just a few paragraphs.. I would say that you should be a writer - but, well, you already are. :)

              Out of interest, are you anywhere near Sedona?

              admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
              • cataleptik

                by cataleptik

                dear ura;


                as he extends his Hands to touch the tapestries of Silk

                he wonders if the Sound pushes anyone Around

                at eleven a. m, the stitch of a hem

                gets caught in barbed wire Treadles, and

                the Movie starts again! the Movie starts, again!


                1. 1.
                  a lever worked by the foot that imparts motion to a machine.
                1. 1.
                  operate (a machine) using a treadle.
                  "he was treadling the cardboard-box machine"

                you are extremely perceptive!


                yeah, i've been told before, that a movie or twelve should come out of me.

                it takes little effort for me to give a total thumbs down to the deplorable world of corporate Hollywood and its' deplorable wastefulness.

                nothing can grow there.   what will shock and surprise you, i am sure, 

                is how much work i already have compiled for Earth Heart Theatre...


                the gap is a funny thing.  it's a blind spot.  lots of "that isn't happening," and "we love, we love."

                but the reality of rape and prejudice has been on international headlines in the last couple of years,

                as the lurid tales of rape and greed cameout over the past years came out, i'll tell you, one to another,

                inwardly, i gloated.


                my perspective on playwriting comes from the context of the great Antonin Artaud, the so-called

                "crowned anarchist."  but i do not imitate him...rather, understanding that he changed theatre arts



                the gap in the context of Hollywood cinema in particular...

                it's not a place that is fertile as far as new ideas, vision, and stories where

                real human love is promoted.  more often, festering, diseased misogyny and reinforced stereotypes.

                i decided a long time ago that i was too good for that world.  Humbly.


                i cannot, or rather, won't try to wear all the hats myself,

                it's more like; i know who i cannot work with and create true newness, and

                that's anyone who doesn't see how stupid and unsustainable that whole world is.

                so, while i have been waiting for the group to form around me, based on shared vision,

                i keep on crafting stories, working on ideas and developing my process...

                i wear a couple of hats really well...additionally,

                i love Woody Allen, especially his work when he was a younger man, in the 1960s...


                Boulder is pretty close to Sedona.  I am intrigued by the idea of the legendary vortexes there.

                I've spent time in Phoenix, but I haven't gotten to Sedona, yet.  Really thinking about it!  A new-age hub.

                My future list of places to visit? Sedona is on that list, and also Mt. Shasta.

                you know about Shasta?  reputed to be a higher-density area with a lot of deva/fairy activity, sort of Lemurian.

                Amorah Quan Yin goes on and on about Shasta having to do with the ancient world of elves and mermaids, the pre-Flood world.

                and Sedona fascinates me too...


                i have to take some time to learn how to do things here,

                but i dig the complexity.  this is a really fine site, ura soul...


                • cataleptik

                  by cataleptik

                  • cataleptik

                    by cataleptik

                    i have so many reasons to make movies starring Boulder, Colorado.

                    there's so much to see and i am in a cool, cool part of 'the zone,'

                    a lovely mountain hamlet with many stories to share.


                    and Google just moved there, a huge presence.

                    but vexing the people who don't grok anarchism, who live heirarchically and are blind to the non-competitive truth of the way anarchists do things...vexing their old energy is my soul's contribution to ascension.


                    Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg stomped and rocked in Boulder, it is one of the fertile places where the true original Beats put their roots down and grew.  and that spirit moves my art, anarchy, the beatnik sensitivities.


                    not recreating 1957...the Beats were Zen.

                    hey, mountain towns and mountain's optimal, today's technology,

                    rather than all the waste and huge equipment and accompanying egotistical imbalance that go with capitalist corporate waste.

                    yuck.   none of that is really sustainable, as far as i am concerned....

                    • cataleptik
                      • cataleptik

                        by cataleptik

                        also, mocking the racism.  racism can be "the bad guy,"

                        i like the people who like that, the people who see a movie and like it



                        when racism gets taken down and receives a comeuppance,

                        to me, the Beats, the Beatniks, were about that, which is why they gave birth to Hippiedom,

                        and, to me, in 1969.


                        there's so much greed, and shortsightedness, and i hate it!  it's very arrogant and stupid, and i see it as dying out.  just...mediocrity and the same-old, same-old

                        and government demands its tax! and they take that tax and poison and murder children all over the world.  only the anarchist has the brain power and the volition to see through that and do something different.


                        and that's where my soul power is going. 


                        since i don't HAVE to generate revenue that is just going to be sucked out of my projects and stolen by government to go into budgets for depleted uranium on Saudi babies, whose mutations, if they live, 


                        a bonus since you know ruow and are reading this,

                        someone could call it a huge denial, right?

                        rejecting, blindly, my free choice to reject putting my creative volition into the blind, stupid greed of the military industrial complex and how they lie, steal and finance atrocities.

                        none of that is good at all for humanity or Earth.

                        Earth Heart Theatre was a concept born in Boulder, and at all times in Boulder my heart and my thoughts are with thankful admiration for the ruow community worldwide.

                        we're seriously levers, vaulting the best into reality.

                        there was a site called RUOW Anarchy run by a guy named Seth.

                        there was a lot of cruelty there, people trying to crucify others with the meanest words possible, dumping resentment and hatred for God on people and

                        lots of people who had not released judgment at ALL.  and they were so, so cruel.

                        amazingly, good things still came out of it.  Everyone wasn't being cruel and divisive, and,

                        even though the power of Lucifer was obvious in people's unloving statements,

                        i understand, now...that such was the dross that beautiful flowers of insight grow out of.


                        this is better, and i can see that you have it set up that no one bringing that cruel vibe could do anything here.



                        with that in mind, Boulder has a lovely Shamballa Center.

                        you can see it in the background of that video i linked to.


                        the things he said about Desire would leave Buddhism permanently stalled in almostness,

                        but RUOW shows the fine thing that makes it all make sense.

                        Buddha had a desire, and a pure, hearts' desire,

                        save pepple from suffering.


                        so obviously Luciferian forces in the world (this isn't channeling, it's the summing up of my study) wanted to keep people divided.  i laugh at all the people who judge me and say, 'Well, he's a muslim,'

                        i hate these stinking neonazis, and i am polytheist.

                        Muslims can't even see what I am about, and there aren't any Muslim polytheists.

                        Muslims are monotheists.  Just as Christians and Jews are.

                        Ah, but these current neoNazis, and their Luciferia methods of deception!~



                        the Yin and Yang of "I choose," 

                        the Yin and Yang of "it is my hearts' desire that..."

                        when Buddha Shakyamuni died, he did not mean for anyone to create a rigid religion in his name.

                        he meant Liberation from the Brahmanic world he left behind in his renunciation.


                        Anyone can see that there are problems in India that persist,

                        problems of prejudice.  the caste system.


                        i've been doing my research, and yeah, cinema is part of it.


                        do you have stories that you think should be a movie?

                        i have stories that could not be told in India.

                        they would protest. If they tried to stop Lucy Lawless from representing Blue Durga, 

                        well, the fascists in India would want to take theaters apart, my brother,

                        brick by brick to keep minds closed.

                        Buddha left India for a LOT of reasons.


                        The Beat goes on, to sum it up.


                        i know YOU can see it.

                        i know you can see Spirit and Will, and how parental they are to everything.

                        that won't ever stop being wisdom!  this artistic process of getting it all together is fun!

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