interested in testing a new text/audio/video chat system for ureka?

    ura soul
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    i have been busy here installing and testing a new plugin for integrating a rich set of features for audio and video chat into so far it is the best option i have tested and i am impressed with what it can do. features include:

    • realtime text chat in rooms (suitable for chat for ureka's zone members to talk together).
    • private or group video/audio chat - allowing us to see and hear each other in realtime.
    • record audio in realtime and add it to the flow of text chat for all to hear.
    • share files in the chat.
    • automatically render images and media from webpages/links that are shared.
    • and more!

    if you would like to test the system out, you can do by visiting

    at present you will need to create an account in the chat system that is separate to your existing sign-in details for because the chat has not been fully connected to's database. once testing is completed this will be resolved and everyone will be automatically signed-in to the chat app just by visiting it.

    here's a screenshot of the initial screen in the chat system, so you can see the layout:

    "the ureka chat interface - v.0.1" added by ura soul

    if you have any questions, let me know!


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      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        i've been testing this chat system with Rafael Afghaen Draemwaever and most of it works really nicely. unfortunately, the audio/video chat is not working at present.. so i am in the process of finding a solution there.

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