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spirit attachments and 'right place'

    ura soul
    by ura soul replies (1)

    this is a very complicated topic since not everyone even accepts the topic is a valid one. however, those of us who have direct experience of spiritual essence that is non-physical and which interacts with us will know the truth of the situation to some extent - that the phenomena are very real.

    when i was about 13 years old in this life, i visited egypt and other places in the mediterranean region with my school and while we were in the cario museum i experienced, for the first time, a very rapid movement of energy into me - which appeared to have come from one of the artefacts there. i have since come to understand that this was most likely a spirit or other similar non-physical essence that had been 'waiting' for a being to come past that was of an appropriate vibration for it to enter and merge with. in this thread it would be great to explore this topic some more.

    the idea of 'right place' refers to the reality that every energy and being has it's right place where it can feel good and grow/evolve in the way that is right for it.

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      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        i am not able to discern with enough precision at this point what is really me and what is not really me - when it comes to non-physical energy. since we are all ultimately one and i fully accept that, i can only approach that topic in the sense of 'does this energy really want to be experiencing this body that i am expressing with, or not?'. so it is kind of like finding the right ingredients to bake a cake! i'm not really clear on whether that essence in egypt is still with me.. maybe i will search out the answer to that in meditation.

        admin of this community, co-creator of reality & lover of life!
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