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How Evidence based Medical Science ended Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands. (2013)

    ura soul

    double blind testing showed fluoride to be harmful and cause eczema, allergic responses and other debilitating imbalances in the body.

    text of document is below (view the pdf for full formatting):

    How Evidence based Medical Science ended Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands.
    Declan Waugh BSc. CEnv. MCIWEM. MIEMA. MCIWM.

    This is a summary of information complied from public record and published peer
    reviewed journals on the history of fluoridation in the Netherlands. It explains how
    medical based science resulted in the termination of fluoridation in this Country,
    thanks largely to Dr. Hans Moolenburgh, a Medical Physician, Cancer Specialist and
    Clinical Ecologist who along with a team of medical doctors and medical researchers
    conclusively demonstrated that fluoridation of drinking water resulted in the
    population being subjected to low grade poisoning by fluoride with wide ranging
    medical side effects.
    Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D., graduated as a medical doctor from the University of
    Leyden in 1952. He was a general practitioner in the city of Haarlem in the
    Netherlands since April 1953. Apart from being a G.P., his main interests were
    clinical ecology and complementary forms of cancer treatment.
    Dr. Moolenbuurgh wrote three books on the subject of fluoridation. Two of these are
    in Dutch: "Fluoridering van het leidingwater," 1973 and "Fluor Liever niet" in 1990.
    The third book is in English: "Fluoride, the Freedom Fight," 1987. Dr. Moolenburgh
    was actively involved in the campaign to end fluoridation in the Netherlands and
    spent many years researching the science surrounding fluoridation.
    In 1952, Dutch health authorities, following the lead of the United States, began
    fluoridating the public water supply in the city of Tiel with Culemborg as the control
    In 1971, Dr. Moolenburgh documented the first fluoride victim in Holland during the
    Haarlem hearings regarding fluoridation. The case involved a baby boy from nearby
    fluoridated Velsen who had breathing troubles since birth. When the child was 6
    months old, he was brought to Dr. Moolenburgh for treatment and was completely
    cured in one week of its ailment simply by removing exposure to fluoride in the
    drinking water.1
    On March 20th, 1972, the city of Amsterdam began fluoridating its water supplies.
    This had a widespread effect on surrounding communities who derived their drinking
    water from the Amsterdam water suppliers, such as Heemstede, Bennebroek,
    Hoofddorp, Haarlemmerliede and many others. Dr. Moolenburgh found himself in a
    unique position to study the effects of fluoridation first hand, as half of his practice
    lay in Heemstede (fluoridated) and the other half in Haarlem (non-fluoridated). As he
    had already extensively studied the possible side-effects of fluoridated water from the
    mainly American literature, Dr. Moolenburgh was on the lookout for changes in the
    morbidity pattern in his practice. According to Dr. Moolenburgh it soon became
    apparent that the extensive American data showing adverse effects were accurate.
    “The adverse health effects began almost at once, with people, especially children,
    developing colicky pains. The parents of these children often did not even know that
    Moolenburgh H. Fluoride: the freedom fight. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing; 1987. p.
    How Evidence based Medical Science ended 2013
    Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands.
    their water supplies were fluoridated. These sudden changes only took place in
    fluoridated Heemstede, and the cure was easy: non-fluoridated water. This cure was
    shown repeatedly to be the correct one, as parents made errors with the jerrycans of
    non-fluoridated water. As soon as fluoridated water was given, be it only one cup, the
    sensitive children began to yell again. This was particularly stressful in babies, who
    often yelled through the whole night. Other early symptoms were the small ulcers in
    the mouth called stomatitis aphtosa. I also saw how children with a known allergic
    condition that had been under control, such as children with atopic eczema, suddenly
    saw a return of their complaints.”2
    Based upon this experience in his own practice, Dr. Moolenburgh organized a group
    of practitioners and researchers to study the effects of fluoridation on health. All the
    doctors came from fluoridated communities and many did not believe in the existence
    of the side-effects, as the health authorities had emphatically denied their existence. In
    addition to the original 12 physicians practicing in Haarlem and some of its
    surrounding fluoridated areas, various individuals with training in biology, chemistry,
    and neurology also participated in the above study.
    After un-blinded tests on skeptical General Practitioners which showed negative
    health effects (similar to low-grade poisoning), to evaluate our initial findings they
    conducted a double-blind experiment:
    "To obtain unassailable proof that nothing but fluoride in the water was responsible
    and that the ill effects were not imaginary, Dr. Moolenburgh's group turned to a
    double blind procedure. A cooperating pharmacist prepared eight numbered bottles of
    drinking water, some with fluoride, some without. Only the pharmacist knew which
    ones contained fluoride. The numbers, placed in a sealed envelope, were sent to the
    group's attorney. Patients who had recovered from side effects after changing to non-
    fluoridated water drank daily, one liter of water from one of the bottles given to them.
    If symptoms occurred, the number of the bottle was sent to the attorney in a sealed
    envelope. Only after all the envelopes were received were they opened in the presence
    of witnesses to avoid any possibility of bias. These tests proved that fluoridated water
    caused the side effects we had identified, and the results have been published.3
    After several months of careful study, the group began to grasp the full importance of
    the problem. The difficulty at first was that each symptom in itself could be
    interpreted as a normal illness. Only a combination of symptoms (e.g. colicky pains,
    small ulcers and blurred vision) pointed in the true direction. The list of the most
    common complaints we could readily identify with the exposure to fluoridation

    • Stomach and intestinal pains
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Excessive thirst

    2 Affidavit Of Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D. Circuit Court of Wisconsin, Fond Du Lac County,
    Case No. 92 cv 579, March 1993
    3 Grimbergen GW. (1974).A Double Blind Test for Determination of Intolerance to
    Fluoridated Water (Preliminary Report). Fluoride 7:146-152.
    How Evidence based Medical Science ended 2013
    Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands.

    Skin irritation and eczema
    Migraine-like headaches
    Visual disturbances (blurred vision)
    Worsening of known allergic complaints
    Mental depression
    Joint pains
    Muscular weakness, and extreme tiredness.

    A definite relationship between the symptoms and fluoride in water was clearly
    The clinical results observed by Dr Moolenburgh and his team confirmed the studies
    undertaken by Dr. Waldbott and Dr. Petraborg and well as Dr. Feltman and Kosel
    B.S., M.S, which also confirmed that fluoride in drinking water caused medical
    ailments within the community 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
    According to Dr. Moolenburgh “in each of the many cases of adverse fluoride
    reaction identified, changing to non-fluoridated water cured the complaints. When
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    How Evidence based Medical Science ended 2013
    Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands.
    fluoridated water was returned, the complaints returned. After several months a new
    and disturbing complaint was added to these: joint pains. While the other complaints
    could be cured in two or three days with non-fluoridated water, the joint complaints
    took several weeks to some months of non-fluoridated water to clear up.”
    “Through continued study and research”, Dr. Moolenburgh observed “we now
    understand that what we have been studying is not an allergy for the fluoride ion as
    we had first thought, but an intoxication from the highly toxic fluorides that had been
    added to the water supplies. It is well known that sensitivity to poisons can vary from
    person to person, and that this variation is quite extensive. In an allergy, an increased
    dose of the irritating substance will still only give symptoms, perhaps increased in
    severity, in those allergic to it. In a poison, a small dose will give complaints in the
    more sensitive persons. In the case of fluoride, research shows that to include about
    5% of the population. With increasing doses more and more people will fall ill, and
    when the dose is high enough everyone will be ill, with perhaps the most sensitive
    persons already dead or dying. As a summary of our research, we are now convinced
    that fluoridation of the water supplies causes a low grade intoxication of the whole
    population, with only the approximately 5% most sensitive persons showing acute
    symptoms. The whole population being subjected to low grade poisoning means that
    their immune systems are constantly overtaxed. With all the other poisonous
    influences in our environment, this can hasten health calamities. It is in the light of
    this constant low grade poisoning that the substantial evidence of increased cancer
    death rate due to fluoridation needs to be considered and understood.”
    In conclusion, Dr. Moolenburgh stated under oath that “It is my considered scientific
    opinion, and I speak in the name of my colleagues who joined in this research, that
    the fluoridation of water supplies gives a significant immuno suppression of the
    whole population subject to it, and is one of the important precursors of the
    civilization illnesses that are rampant in modern industrialized society. It is my best
    scientific judgement, made with a high degree of scientific certainty, that fluoridated
    drinking water is very dangerous to the health of those who drink it.” 19
    Following publication of their research results water fluoridation in Holland was
    discontinued in 1976.
    In a recent letter published in the journal ‘Fluoride’ Dr. Moolenburgh observed “as a
    84-year-old physician with 54 years in medical practice, who also lived through the
    German occupation of Holland during WW II and saw what totalitarian thinking leads
    to in the end. When the fluoridating authorities finally begin to realize that
    fluoridation was founded on a hill of sand, they will behave like little children when
    the incoming tide demolishes their seaside sand constructions. They will shut their
    eyes and protest, “No, this cannot be!” Public health authorities should only be
    interested in promoting good health and preventing human suffering. Yet, from their
    actions, they appear more concerned with adhering to erroneous dogmatic thinking
    and maintaining their own positions and power. Discussion and debate with fluoride
    Affidavit Of Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D. Circuit Court of Wisconsin, Fond Du Lac
    County, Case No. 92 cv 579, March 1993
    How Evidence based Medical Science ended 2013
    Water Fluoridation in the Netherlands.
    promoters is useless and a waste of time. Just as happened in Holland and throughout
    most of Europe, authorities who try to suppress unwelcome facts about fluoridation
    will be eventually be swept away in response to compelling evidence and massive
    public indignation.”20
    It is lamentable that in 2013, as Ireland holds the presidency of the Council of the
    European Union, that the Republic of Ireland, alone within Europe, continues to
    support the mass medication of its population using untested industrial chemicals that
    are known to cause harm to human health and the environment.
    Given the considerable amount of information available there is no doubt but that the
    public health authorities as well as the political establishment in Ireland (as well as in
    the other few remaining countries that still support fluoridation) have utterly failed to
    undertake a proper medical or scientific due diligence to protect their citizens from
    unnecessary harm, that may result from supporting what can only be described as a
    ‘blunt totalitarian policy’ mandating the mass medication of entire populations with
    untested chemicals being added to public drinking water.
    Medical policy should be based on medical facts, and the facts clearly show that
    fluoridation of drinking water is neither safe nor sustainable.
    Published Letter by Dr Moolenburgh to the editor, Fluoride 43(1)81–84 January-March 2010.