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transforming disaster

focused on the reporting & transformation of areas of living hell: including war zones, concentration camps, famine areas, areas of epidemic illness & toxic pollution.
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      • ura soul

        hehe :) - they have no plans to release a luxury foil hat.

        i am aware of what others have said about orgonite. unfortunately, my only experience with it coincided with something terrible that occurred the next day and i still don't know the full details of the connection between the two events. i have never seen any kind of scientific study done into orgonite, but would be interested to read any that exist.

        • innerverse

          A lot nicer looking than your standard issue tinfoil hat... :D

          Have you heard of using orgonite for this purpose? Right now that's my only layer of protection, carrying it in the same pocket as my device.

          EMF dangers and protection are something I started looking into very seriously a while back and got discouraged by the extreme lack of interest from my peers. Denial is a powerful force!

          • ura soul

            innerverse i am already working with a manufacturer of EMF shielding equipment and clothing here - it's a new relationship and i don't know exactly where it is leading, but we are having fruitful conversations. the shop is not cheap, but the quality is much higher than competitors as the products are used by military and hospitals: http://emf.ztrkr.me/


            • innerverse

              Seems like we need to start thinking about preventative and protective measures because they ball is definitely rolling towards 5G and few are going to even know the dangers.