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when poles of polarities enforce frozen viewpoints - the heart is locked closed and heartlessness results.\r\npolar ice caps and pol-ice caps - are more connected than simple logic may claim.
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      • SoulFish

        I hear you, indeed, one must look at the problem to understand it, that should go without saying, at least if one is using common sense. I'm only suggesting it isn't ALL one looks at or gives all their focus to. The element of BALANCE applies to pretty much everything, including this. Perhaps my focus is less on "studying the ones who themselves created the 'science' of social engineering and also understanding the way in which policies have long been put in place for extremely divisive reasons" because I've done that already, that's one I've paid close attention to for almost 40 years now. Like I said, I need no videos, for me this is all a "been there, done that" scenario. I am comfortable with the vast knowledge I have on the subject and have found a centered place of balance from which to approach it. I can say that having observed this situation for as long as I have, it's getting worse, not better, so clearly the balance is off. Clearly, the focus hasn't been in the right place and the way it's being handled isn't working. I don't have "the" answer, but I do have mine and it works.

        • ura soul

          I see, ok - I have just put a lot of time into studying the ones who themselves created the 'science' of social engineering and also understanding the way in which policies have long been put in place for extremely divisive reasons. it is fine to look at solutions, but solutions will not be found without looking at the problem in enough detail to know what is needed. i do not agree with violence in response to violence, but i can surely appreciate those who have had enough with being extorted and abused on a daily basis just for going about their lives. if you live in an area with an alleged constitution that includes the ability to defend yourself against tyranny, it is obviously going to be considered a valid option to defend yourself in an appropriate way.
          i don't include this video in the community because i know there are more enlightened solutions than violence - BUT he does make very valid points that cannot easily be rejected:


          • SoulFish

            I don't need to see a gallery of video. As I mentioned, I have been beaten down by police, once for simply asking where they were taking a friend of mine they had arrested. I was once maced and held to the ground by police and then thrown in jail for a week and a half losing my job and apartment in the process. That one was for blocking a street, for sitting down. I'm not sure it's all some big conspiracy but I am not blind to what's happening. The people who oppose the police are becoming just as bad as the police. We can point the finger at the problem until our heads explode and all it will do is further separate us. I don't need to see a gallery of video because I've been there and because I truly want it to stop, that means focusing on the solution, not the problem.

            • ura soul

              i appreciate that here are always two sides to the story and it is important to be able to see the full event and not just a piece of it. you can see though, in the gallery here, that there really are many cases where the entire video IS present and the cops really are acting like complete maniacs. i don't really want to go through and pull out examples, but some are absolutely extreme. there is zero question in my mind that the police are being used as a terror weapon for various psychological reasons - that is why there is an official policy to only hire those with low IQs for the job.

              • SoulFish

                You can also hear one of the police say that he asked them to NOT jump on the road barriers and they wouldn't stop. There's also all the stuff that whoever is making the police out to be villains (and I'm NOT saying they aren't) left out of their video. I'm not taking the side of the police here, nor am I defending their actions in any way. I'm also not taking the side of the kids being arrested. Truth is, I wasn't there and thus have no right to judge. I just have a unique perspective with this type of thing coupled with decades of experience and a really open mind that sees more than meets the eye.

                I've been around too many police in too many situations like this to just believe the first video I see that makes a claim. Did you know that there are entire groups of people that regularly harass and bait cops just to try and get them on video doing stupid shit? I mean, think about it, it isn't that difficult to get most cops to do something stupid. I'm just taking it with a grain of truthy salt.

                • ura soul

                  you can hear the policeman say that he is arresting them for crossing the road at a red light - not for anything more.

                  you can look in the video gallery of this zone for many, many videos where it as 100% crystal clear that the policy enforcers are in the wrong: https://www.ureka.org/videos/group/4326/all

                  • SoulFish

                    I get the feeling that, as with the vast majority of videos like this, we aren't getting the whole picture. I've been a part of varied demonstrations and protests for over 30 years. I've been arrested, I've been beaten and maced by police and I know whether I brought it on myself or not. To make it appear as though these kids were just innocently walking along and the cops rolled up and started pushing them to the ground and arresting them for no reason whatsoever only fuels misinformation and hatred perpetuating a cycle that has been built mostly on keeping folks misinformed.