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      • ura soul

        I have just gone through all of the Zones that I run for Ureka and improved the layout of their homepages, plus fixed some problems I found along the way. Image Galleries now display correctly on Zone homepages and preview images for thoughts/videos etc. will now display in full length as they do on other listing pages.\r\nLet me know if you have any issues I haven't already fixed!\r\nThanks
        • ura soul
          ura soul added a new thought: Changes to the way we embed videos (edited)

          From now on, any link that is used in a post at Ureka which is for a page that presents a video that can be embedded, will automatically be converted into a watchable, embedded video in the page in Ureka. This was already the case for thoughts and comment areas, but now your links will auto-embed videos when you shout them on the activity page too.\r\nCurrently Ureka only fully supports youtube and vimeo - however, I will soon be adding further video/media sites to the list soon.\r\nBe aware though, that this kind of embedding of videos will not result in the video being added to the searchable video galleries in Ureka and are just a quick way to display a video in a post. If you want to add videos to the video galleries, you still need to use the 'Add video' option that can reach in the '+' drop down menu at the top of the site and in the form of the buttons that appear at the top of the lists of videos in the video galleries.
          • ura soul

            Previously, items that appeared in gallery views - such as video and thought galleries - would be chopped short (vertically) to get them to fit into a grid. This meant that we weren't seeing all of the images and introduced other layout issues. I have now added code that positions gallery items appropriately while not cutting them short - so galleries now look better and display more information.\r\nLet me know if you see anything that's broken!
            • ura soul

              Those of us who want to see how many times our pages have been seen by visitors can now check the view counters that appear on relevant pages.
              • ura soul

                In case you are wondering, the new trending list on the main website homepage displays items from the community from recent months that have the highest engagement and resonance. So if you want to get your content on the homepage, you need to get high levels of engagement in the form of resonators and comments being added.
                • ura soul
                  ura soul added a new thought: Redesign of the main Ureka homepage

                  As part of an ongoing process of improving the usability of Ureka and also improving our ranking in search engines, I have just redesigned the homepage. The aim is to make the page easier to read and understand, while also providing useful functionality. So the homepage now has less text and a trending area that shows the most commented and popular items in the community in recent weeks.\r\nLet me know if you have any comments if you think of ways to further improve the layout.\r\nI have a few more changes to implement in this direction and then will be moving on to the chat app :)
                  • ura soul
                    ura soul added a new thought: The main menu layout has changed

                    I have noticed that the media libraries of videos, images and reference pages do not get viewed much at ureka and i think that this is partially because their position in the main menu was inside the 'library' option and so they were not easily visible to everyone. I have now removed the library option from the main menu and set each of the media libraries in the top level of the menu system, making them easily accessible.\r\nLet me know how that works out for you. If you are using a smaller device, then you can scroll the menu on the left in order to see any menu items that may be hidden at the bottom of the list for you.
                    • ura soul
                      ura soul has created a new katalist Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org (edited)

                      Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org
                      Here you will find all of the video guides that are currently available for using ureka.org. More will be added as they are available. If you have any questions that are not covered here then just start a discussion thread in the network information zone to ask for help.
                      • ura soul

                        Good news! I have spent the last couple of days improving the way that Katalists work at ureka and they are now simpler for everyone to use productively. I will be making a video to demonstrate how they work soon too.\r\nThe changes are:\r\n\r\nKatalists now have a 'published status', like thoughts do. So katalists can be in 'draft' mode or 'published' mode. This allows you to create a katalist and configure it without it being visible to anyone else. Once you are ready you can mark the katalist as 'published'.\r\nYou will be automatically prompted to easily publish your new katalist after you create your first content item in it. This is intended to help ensure your remember to publish!\r\nYou can now add a description and comments section to katalists at the top and bottom just by choosing the option to do so in the katalist's edit page. You may want to do this for your existing katalists and remove the description and comments boxes that you previously added manually. This means that katalists can have a uniform appearance and are also quicker to create and setup.\r\nThe Katalist item picker that appears when you are pinning items to katalists has been made more stable and now stays on the screen, where it needs to be - so you cannot scroll away from it.\r\n\r\nAll of this combines to make the katalists much more friendly to use and play with.\r\nLet me know if you have any feedback such as bugs or suggestions for improvements.\r\ncheers!