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      • ura soul
        ura soul added a new thought: Redesign of the main Ureka homepage

        As part of an ongoing process of improving the usability of Ureka and also improving our ranking in search engines, I have just redesigned the homepage. The aim is to make the page easier to read and understand, while also providing useful functionality. So the homepage now has less text and a trending area that shows the most commented and popular items in the community in recent weeks.\r\nLet me know if you have any comments if you think of ways to further improve the layout.\r\nI have a few more changes to implement in this direction and then will be moving on to the chat app :)
        • ura soul
          ura soul added a new thought: The main menu layout has changed

          I have noticed that the media libraries of videos, images and reference pages do not get viewed much at ureka and i think that this is partially because their position in the main menu was inside the 'library' option and so they were not easily visible to everyone. I have now removed the library option from the main menu and set each of the media libraries in the top level of the menu system, making them easily accessible.\r\nLet me know how that works out for you. If you are using a smaller device, then you can scroll the menu on the left in order to see any menu items that may be hidden at the bottom of the list for you.
          • ura soul
            ura soul has created a new katalist Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org

            Feature guides and tutorials for ureka.org
            Here you will find all of the video guides that are currently available for using ureka.org. More will be added as they are available. If you have any questions that are not covered here then just start a discussion thread in the network information zone to ask for help.
            • ura soul

              Good news! I have spent the last couple of days improving the way that Katalists work at ureka and they are now simpler for everyone to use productively. I will be making a video to demonstrate how they work soon too.\r\nThe changes are:\r\n\r\nKatalists now have a 'published status', like thoughts do. So katalists can be in 'draft' mode or 'published' mode. This allows you to create a katalist and configure it without it being visible to anyone else. Once you are ready you can mark the katalist as 'published'.\r\nYou will be automatically prompted to easily publish your new katalist after you create your first content item in it. This is intended to help ensure your remember to publish!\r\nYou can now add a description and comments section to katalists at the top and bottom just by choosing the option to do so in the katalist's edit page. You may want to do this for your existing katalists and remove the description and comments boxes that you previously added manually. This means that katalists can have a uniform appearance and are also quicker to create and setup.\r\nThe Katalist item picker that appears when you are pinning items to katalists has been made more stable and now stays on the screen, where it needs to be - so you cannot scroll away from it.\r\n\r\nAll of this combines to make the katalists much more friendly to use and play with.\r\nLet me know if you have any feedback such as bugs or suggestions for improvements.\r\ncheers!
              • ura soul

                I have been busy here the last few days closing the remaining bugs that i know about at ureka. I have now fixed the following annoyances:\r\n\r\nimage pop-ups could not be scrolled correctly on small screen devices.\r\nadding more than one comment to multiple pop-up images would cause the process to fail.\r\nadding comments to items in the activity stream via the speech bubble icon was broken.\r\n\r\nthere are now only 3 known bugs that i have to fix, so i can focus more on adding new features. woop!
                • ura soul
                  ura soul added a new thought: ureka.org now has a group on minds.com

                  for anyone here who has moved from facebook/google/twitter over to minds.com - i have now created a group there for ureka. it's no replacement for ureka.org, but it ensures ureka is seen by the smart cookies over at minds :)\r\nhttps://www.minds.com/groups/profile/708980666053697536
                  • ura soul

                    The latest update and most of the related fixing for known issues is now complete! yeah!\r\nSo what's the result for you?\r\n\r\nThe notifier at the top-right of the screen now updates in realtime, instead of only updating when you refresh the page - so now there's a way to know what is occurring in the community easily. n.b. this change was made possible by code created by a third party and as such it is not designed exactly how i need it to be. You will notice that some of the older notifications it displays will look a bit odd, but new notifications should look ok. I will be improving the format of the notifications in the next few days too.\r\nThe notification configuration system has been simplified, so that now you only need to choose between receiving 'site' notifications via the in-site notifier or 'email' notifications (previously there were 3 options and now one has been removed).\r\nThere's a new loading animation as you move between pages in the site - which just makes the experience a bit more visually appealing.\r\nIt's now simpler to start discussions as the 'add new items' dropdown menu at the top of the site now includes an  'add discussion' button and similar buttons now appear in more places in the discussion parts of the site.\r\nVarious minor improvements have been made to the site theme - particularly the white version.\r\nThe core of the system has received the benefit of 2 significant upgrades via the elgg framework and this means there are lots...
                    • ura soul
                      ura soul replied to the thought: the latest upgrade had some hiccups!

                      image galleries are fixed now.
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                      • ura soul
                        ura soul added a new thought: the latest upgrade had some hiccups!

                        ureka was offline for maintenance today as the latest system upgrade resulted in some unexpected data issues. the good news is that these have now been resolved and the site is back online.\r\npresently, i am working on fixing some issues with the image galleries which sprang up due to some of the upgraded code and there is also an issue with some notifications not having their full text present. i will fix this too asap. once the fixes are in i will let you know what's new at ureka. :)