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      • ura soul

        Best DIY Compost Tea Brewer made with a Garbage Can & PVC Pipe
        John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ and Josh Cunnings from Boogie Brew share with you the best DIY Open Source 25-gallon compost tea brewer you can make out of a garbage can, PVC pipe and fittings from a hardware store near you. In this episode, John and Josh will show you the 25 Gallon Open Source Compost Tea Brewer that you can build yourself with many locally available parts. You will learn John and Josh's opinions of this compost tea brewer and why they believe it is the one you should build if you want to build your own. You will also discover the importance of cleaning your compost tea brewer properly, and why using a good high-quality brew bag is important. During this episode, John and Josh will also brew a batch of compost tea and share with you the specific air pump you should purchase for optimal aeration of your compost tea. You will learn how long to brew compost tea, as well as how to make your tea more fungally dominated after brewing. You will discover why this homemade compost tea brewer that makes activated aerated compost tea (AACT) is one of the best out there for the lowest price for Do It Yourself Gardeners. After watching this episode, you will learn more about the Oregon State Open Source compost tea brewer and why you should make one for yourself and brew compost tea to fertilize your organic (or non-organic) garden. Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=growingyourgreens...
        • ura soul
          ura soul added the image 'The first produce from my Organic Garden - 2017' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

          The appearance, feel, smell and taste of the vital energy in freshly picked fruit and veg does not easily compare to the half dead, denutrified and not entirely organic produce you will find in most 'organic' aisles at your local shop. Today I picked the first fresh food from my polytunnel in England and I am very happy with the results!\r\nI use a lot of cucumbers in juices here, such as the [Lemon & Ginger...
          The first produce from my Organic Garden - 2017
          • ura soul

            Bury Tea bags in your garden what happens to the soil will just surprise you
            Why should you Bury tea bags in your garden? Ending your day with a relaxing cup of warm tea is a great way to make drifting off into la-la land a little easier. When most people finish their tea, they toss the used teabag into the trash with little thought. After all, what could you possibly do with a used teabag? It turns out, there's actually quite a few things you can do with used tea bags, especially in the garden. Keep watching to learn why you might want to bury those teabags instead of tossing them in the trash. 1.Tea adds nutrients to the soil: Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that are natural fertilizers for a garden. The bag itself is made from fiber of abaca leaf stalks. As the tea leaves decompose, they release nutrients into the soil, creating a healthier growing environment 2.Tea bags keep pests at bay: Used tea bags and coffee grounds will help keep bugs away from your plants. The odor deters the pests from chewing on your flowers and veggies. 3.Tea increases the decomposition of other items: If you are using teabags in your soil or compost pile, the acid in the tea can speed up the decomposition process of other items in the compost bin, which means you can use the compost faster. 4.Teabags help with water retention: Bury your tea bags near the root of your plants, flowers and veggies to help the plants retain more water and stay healthier 5.Teabags help keep weeds at bay: When you bury your teabags in the garden, they...
            • ura soul
              ura soul added the image 'we need to learn to grow food together!' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

              we need to learn to grow food together!
              • ura soul
                ura soul added the image 'polytunnel - spring 2017' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

                getting ready to plant food!
                polytunnel - spring 2017
                • ura soul

                  Need to build a low cost, sustainable home? The Simple Survival Earthship Walk-Through
                  Enjoy a short guided tour of a 1U Simple Survival Earthship with all off-grid systems. Construction drawings for this building and other Simple Survival designs are included in our app for $9.99 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/simple-survival-earthships/id1065301369?mt=8
                  • ura soul
                    ura soul added the image '1st melon from my polytunnel in britain!' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

                    they said it couldn't be done! ;)\r\nthis one tastes fresh, juicy and much nicer than the shop bought organic melons i have tried here. success!
                    1st melon from my polytunnel in britain!
                    • ura soul
                      ura soul added 2 images to the album creative gardening.

                      • big tomato plants!
                      • celery, cucumbers and tomatoes in the tunnel
                      • ura soul
                        ura soul added the image 'cucumbers from the tunnel' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

                        i like to grow a range of types of cucumbers.. this year i have 3 heirloom types and so far they are all really nice.
                        cucumbers from the tunnel
                        • ura soul
                          ura soul added the image 'rainbow chard and a beetroot from the tunnel' to the album 'creative gardening'. (edited)

                          rainbow chard and a beetroot from the tunnel
                          • harmony

                            Oh dear I would have washed some and taken round a punnet just so the lady could appreciate them ;) 

                            We grow different types of berries in large containers so they are easy to keep and they grow really well! I have a lot of issues with the wild black raspberry bushes at the back of my garden though as they do grow like wildfire,the roots are really difficult to dig out when they weave there way under the ground but we keep on top of this and enjoy the free fruit :)

                            • ura soul

                              @tanyal - 'respectable middle class' usually means 'out of touch with the earth and our needs'. i realised earlier today that not only do the oligarchy aim to control the source of food production by ensuring that there are no food bearing plants literally anywhere - to the best of their ability - outside of their own farms and factories... but they also do this to ensure we have no way to get food except through them and that means working for their corporations to get the 'money' to pay them. it is a literal slave planet.