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constitutional mechanics 101

we commonly inherit national constitutional frameworks that were created within very different contexts to that which we are presently experiencing. thus what made sense many years past, now shapes our experience in ways which often are not comfortable.\r\nthis zone is for the exploration of evolving new constitutional agreements that best serve the needs of an expanding and evolving populous.
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      • Gerlin

        En la historia hemos conocido diferentes formas de democracia:

        Democracia esclavista. Parece una paradoja, pero en el imperio griego y romano hubo formas de votación para definir el qué hacer. Sin embargo se reducía a un grupo minoritario de gentes pudientes que despreciaban el trabajo manual y maltrataban a los esclavos.

        Democracia capitalista, mantiene la paradoja del sistema esclavista en otra forma. Unos pocos deciden sobre la gran mayoría: corporaciones, grupos financieros que envilecen a los trabajadores con jornadas superiores a la 8 horas y pagos que arrebatan el valor producido a favor de los grandes propietarios.

        Democracia socialista. Aplicó las decisiones de las asambleas populares (soviets), comités de producción, donde los gerentes de las empresas ejecutaban los que se acordara en las asambleas, no el capricho del gerente.

        Inicios de la democracia comunista. Trató de dirimir conflictos, sin intervención del Estado, buscando desaparecer las formas represivas del Estado, hacia una "sociedad de hombres libres". La pretención de hacer estos cambios violentó aún más a los grandes capitalistas a quienes hubo que derrotarlos en 1945 por pretender acabar con los países socialistas y el campo socialista (derrota de Hitler y el nacifacismo). En esa difícil lucha surgieron dos grandes potencias económicas, sociales y culturales (China, URSS) dirigidas por los trabajadores (la clase obrera en la vanguardia). Se formó un importante campo socialista que acabó con colonias y semicolonias y fraternizó con numerosos pueblos del mundo en una tercera parte de la humanidad que apoyó estos procesos a partir de 1917 hasta 1978, en que el poder del dinero, la corrupción y la dispersión (atomización) de los pueblos y naciones avanzadas, forzados por el gran capital; y, en consecuencia, no teniendo la suficiente "gasolina" para continuar con la obra emprendida, cerró la primera oleada socialista en el mundo.

        • SolitaryFriend

          I would say the guilt and shame that was holding me back, finally catapulted me to where I needed to be. When I finally had the courage to leave my loved ones behind, and then walk my own path alone for a while, I would come to find them again and accept them fully, gaining allies along the way. It's no easy task, but we seemed to be destined to do this all along.

          • ura soul

            Are Chemtrails real? Do widespread, covert programs of aerial spraying for Geo-engineering and other purposes already exist?
            Reports from around the world have long claimed that the many thick, persistent trails we see in our skies that emerge from the rear of large airplanes are no merely the innocent 'contrails' of vapor that many commentators claim. It is a fact that patents exist for technology that allows airplane operators to spray large volumes of chemical material into our planet's atmosphere and it is a fact that many 'scientists' are openly talking about using the technology to spray heavy metals into our air, whether we like it or not. As you will see in this katalist, It is also a fact western governments have admitted to secretly spraying toxic chemicals over their own populations in the past and have even said that they would do it again.\r\nIn the course of my research I have seen passionate argument from those who are certain that chemical cocktails are being sprayed over us and I have also seen counter arguments from those who are certain that there is no conspiracy and the issue is only that there is much heavier air traffic now than in the past and that people generally do not understand enough about atmospheric science to be able to understand why the 'contrails' persist in some cases - as they do.\r\nIn this Katalist I am sharing some of the media I have found that covers the topic from various angles.
            • ura soul
              ura soul has created a new katalist disprove these claims about donald trump! (edited)

              disprove these claims about donald trump!
              A thick wall of denial always surrounds the various puppet leaders of america and related regions - none more so it seems than exists around donald trump. Despite his actions obviously being deceptive, offering lies faster than a used car salesman, his supporters will often resort to name calling and even claiming dissenters are 'traitors' - despite the an abundance of evidence showing Trump's lies.\r\nThis katalist collects together various sources that highlight some of the more obvious deceptions and denials.
              • ura soul
                ura soul added the image 'trump is anti establishment?' to the album 'donald trump'. (edited)

                trump is anti establishment?
                • ura soul
                  ura soul created a new image album donald trump

                  • trump is anti establishment?
                  • trumpjaw
                  • trump and his arch rivals - the clintons
                  • more denial, heartlessness and deception
                  a photo scrapbook of the tales of donald trump