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      • ura soul

        The Psychology & Spirit of Being Truly Free: Ending Control & The Blame Game

        A great deal of the desire to control other people and events arises from a lack of understanding of the divine nature of karma. The other key driver for belief in the need to control people and events is found in the gap between the conscious mind and the feelings it refuses to feel and has disowned.

        When we have feelings, we do not automatically always feel and accept them. It is quite possible for our mind and self to disconnect from some feelings, particularly if we judge we don't like them. When this occurs, we create subconsciousness and possibly unconsciousness. This means we have parts of ourselves that don't receive the light of our awareness and which we are no longer aware of. This also means that we lose some of our ability to feel, since it is not possible to deny/block these parts without losing their faculties and input too.

        Being in a state of partial unfeeling and being unaware of all of the information that we could be aware of - is a perilous state to be in. One effect can be that we are unaware of the nature of our own thought process and just how unloving it has become. We need to feel things to know how loving or unloving they are, plus, in many cases, to even know they exist. If we are unable to feel all of our thinking, then we can easily have thoughts which are unloving and even self destructive, without knowing it. These thoughts can run endlessly in loops in the background of our thinking process and are only understood or noticed when felt (either by us or by others). Usually, most people will just avoid feeling this in other people and not bring the subject up - so they enable this destructive cycle. Often, attempts to bring this up with people results in conflict, anger and more denials, so we collectively tend to agree to avoid doing so.

        Misunderstandings leading to misplaced blame

        When the mind knows it feels a certain way, but is disconnected from the original cause for the feeling (usually due to denials made previously), it's default position is to try to make sense of the feelings and often this results in it 'filling in the gaps' in understanding by forming judgements. In many cases, these will take the form of wrongly assuming that whoever is in the vicinity at the time has caused these denied feelings, when in truth the person may have only said something that triggered them to surface, or even may have had nothing to do with them at all. Since denied feelings tend to be angry at having been denied, this regularly plays out as people thinking that others are being unloving to them and then them getting defensive/angry, when in truth - the feeling of unlovingness they are experiencing is a result of their OWN mental unlovingness that is causing their OWN feelings to feel unhappy/pain.

        I have seen this play out a couple of times recently where people were convinced I was trying to control them in some way - yet, I know and could feel that I was being very careful to not control them and to leave space in what I was saying for them to feel free and not have limitations placed on them in a controlling way. I knew from careful listening that the patterns involved were as a result of denied anger in them, which they were misinterpreting as arising as a result of something in the present moment, whereas in fact it was from past and unresolved trauma. I know this to be true because of conversations I had with one of them who happens to be a close relative who I know very well.

        Ending Control to be Truly Free

        It is easy to see and feel how someone who feels they are being controlled by others (falsely) might then become controlling of others in an attempt to 'defend' themselves against what they perceive to be an attack. This is particularly likely when the control they feel inside of themselves comes from their own controlling and fearful self which already performs that kind of control with regularity.

        Ending control is the only way to be free - it's simple logic

        In many cases, ending control means identifying the real causes of our own feelings of being controlled and healing them within ourselves and not 'out there'. Knowing that karma is a real process that intelligently guides life so that people have experiences from which to learn how to come into balance, is also very helpful here. Once you live out karmic experiences of your own and learn to feel the difference between karmic experience and non karmic experience, you can begin to understand another level of why controlling other people is unnecessary. If the person has intent to learn and knows how to be open to karmic experience, without judgement, then they will learn and the problems of relationship can be resolved. If the person does not understand karma and is not open to learning/healing/balancing/evolving, then it is often best to move away to avoid unnecessary suffering.

        Karma is a divine process of intelligent orchestration and learning - we are wise to use it!

        Wishing you well,

        Ura Soul

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        • ura soul

          How 'Selfless Service to Others' Is Actually Creating The Opposite of Spiritual Greatness.

          I see online that it is common in spiritual groups for people to divide people and behaviours into two categories 'service to self' and 'service to others'. The claim is often that 'service to others' is divine and 'service to self' is bad/wrong/evil. I am going to explain here, why this is an error and why there are more options available...

          First of all, you may not be able to grasp what I am saying here if you do not feel into it as our own will expresses as feelings and this topic is very much one of finding balance in regards to free will.

          For many people, the idea of 'pure service to others' is automatically an unpleasant one, since it very much sounds like slavery and that is because, in essence, it either leads to situations close to slavery of one form or another or actually is slavery. The image of a spiritual person becoming 'selfless', such that the needs of self are denied (often in favour of allegedly acting out 'what god wants') is one that 'sounds' 'good' to those who seek to perhaps 'make up' for what their guilt is telling them makes them unworthy of acceptance. In other words, if you believe either consciously or unconsciously that you aren't 'good enough', then you are likely to be looking to find ways to balance that - but you cannot do that through self denial.

          On the other end of the spectrum, a person who is totally focused into their own desires/needs/reality, with no attention given to any others - is also out of balance. The issue here is that we need to be open enough to work with and interact with others, while not over-riding anyone - including us - in the process. We each have needs that cannot be met by anyone else, so if we literally become 'selfless', we will definitely have needs that aren't being met at all, leading eventually to us suffering, falling apart and being unable to 'serve' anyone else anyway.

          The truly twisted part to this situation is that the 'service to others' people are actually feeding the opposite end of the polarity that they so dislike! When these people have looked at those who appear to be extremely selfish and thought "I don't want to be that way, how horrible.", they go too far and decide that the must be the opposite. In doing so, they end up denying their own power and guess who is all too happy to take it and use it - exactly, yes - the extreme 'service to self' people. So through self denial, the 'good' people are actually empowering the 'bad' people to continue as they are.

          What connects together the intentions of the 'service to self' and 'selfless service to others' people here is that they both intend to deny right use of free will - with the former intending to take it and use it from others and the latter intending to not take responsibility for their own and to also have others dependent on them, leading those others to also fail to take responsibility for themselves and their own power.

          Only when we live through the heart and intend to neither overpower others or ourselves, can we find true balance in relationships and in life in general. I call this 'Service to All' and it is the foundation behind the principles of this social network - ureka.org.

          Wishing you well,

          Ura Soul

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          • cataleptik

             "Do not avoid your fear. Feelings are here to help you and they only SEEM problematic because we avoid them and just like an untended garden, that's when they can become gnarly instead of beautiful."



            no argument!


            you've got it, you're running with it and you're not cutting and pasting.

            you've thought about it, you're sharing it, and the light of love emanates from the entirety.

            amazing, necessary, this is the sort of stuff that breaks the tie and bridges the gap,

            you really are putting your Whole Heart into this!   amazing.

            i began to weep as i read this, because I know what you are doing.


            this is really amazing, fundamentally important..

            you're building the future here.






            • ura soul

              I am curious though, shills for what exactly?
              A shill for anarchy and an absence of control?!

              • ura soul

                I have studied money creation for over 10 years on and off - I simply understand that ultimately there is no actual need for money at all.

                • ruthstruth2013

                  Hi, I think you must be shills, rambling on about philosophy and taking away the focus from the true cause and into some flaky waffle.  There is a clear cause of all our problems - the control of the issuance and circulation of money. The solution is already thought out.  It is to have a money creation system which reflects what money really is: it is a promissory obligation which represents our work. Usury and the central banks issuance of our promissory obligations to each other puts the money in the control of an elite few who own the banks and this enables them to suck out all the money which results of our labour into their possession .  All wealth is generated at the base in the real economy by the people.  And all money is created by us.  Please watch this video and also study MPE which explains what money really is.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=457akZFYnHo&feature=share

                  • ura soul

                    Anarcho Capitalism, Voluntarism & The Alternatives - My Reponse to Kafkanarchy
                    I recently interviewed Danny Shine and we spoke about anarcho-capitalism and some of Danny's complaints about what he perceived anarcho-capitalism to be (link to interview is below). Kafkanarchy from 'Voluntarism Japan' saw the video and felt he needed to clarify some points: https://dlive.io/livestream/kafkanarchy84/d0bba858-439c-11e8-9f5b-0242ac110002 In this new video I am responding to kafkanarchy and attempt to put across some of my key points about all this from my perspective. The complex nature of this topic means that to do it justice would probably require several hours of direct communication.. Stay tuned for that, possibly in the near future! Original interview with Danny Shine: https://steemit.com/psychology/@ura-soul/capitalist-denial-danny-shine-and-ura-soul-london-crypto-currency-show-2018 Rainbow Family of Light - We Love You (Documentary): https://www.ureka.org/videos/watch/2341/we-love-you
                    • ura soul
                      ura soul shared the video 'Modern Educayshun'

                      Modern Educayshun
                      The follow up to #Equality, Modern Educayshun delves into the potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness. Written and Directed by Neel Kolhatkar Instagram & Twitter @neelkolhatkar Produced by Conceptional Media - https://www.facebook.com/ConceptionalMedia/ Assistant Director Adam Krowitz Cast Neel Kolhatkar Cait Burley (Insta cait.bonnie) Caspar Hardaker Romy Bartz Jonathan Lo Jess Sobanski
                      • ura soul

                        Free Money - STEEM VS The pound @ The Bank of Monopoly
                        We continue trying to give away free money. In this episode, we pitch up in one of the arches of the Bank of Monopoly (England) one morning. Go to www.steemit.com to get an account and some free STEEM. Follow me at www.steemit/@dannyshine and use tags promo-steem and promofree-steem and email me at spiritualentertainer@gmail.com for some upvotes once you have posted your first post. Let me know if you are a vegan and you'll get more. Thanks to steemit.com/@weirdside for videography and editing. Thanks to steemit.com/@starkerz for playing the banker so well. here are a couple of links to lots of great materials to get you going. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_2P5GBJmqRUAczT9544teQ https://steemit.com/steemy/@flauwy/60-steem-video-tutorials-for-beginners-the-grand-steemy-collection Please also watch these previous films. Steemit is by no means perfect but I prefer it to the silly system we have to live in. VLOG: Crypto & Blockchain Series - STEEM https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=YZsjpKvILOc Is Money a Scam? https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=2dBUVnzH-TM
                        • ura soul
                          ura soul published a new thought: 'How to End/Heal Your Fear. Ending Fear Is Necessary for Survival!' (edited)

                          How to End/Heal Your Fear. Ending Fear Is Necessary for Survival!

                          I previously wrote about how the origin of fear is in the denial of your own power - whether that power be to survive, create what we prefer, to be loved or whatever else concerns us. Given that this definition and understanding is not commonly held by many of us, we tend to hold a variety of misunderstood and denied fears which hold us back in life and which cause us untold limitation and suffering. When we have a way to understand our emotions, we can work with them and help them to heal, balance and evolve - which frees us up to be happier, more powerful and to succeed more in what we choose to be doing; when we are ignorant of the ways of our emotions, we have no choice but to continue to suffer.

                          Through understanding that fear is a response to having denied our own power in some way, we open the door to finding how we have denied our power and making changes which end that denial - bringing power back into us and ending the fear too.

                          In the process of working through emotional issues, it sometimes becomes apparent that there are twists and turns which meant that what would have been a relatively simple emotional issue to clear, instead becomes almost impossible.  For example, when we deny that we have denied something - we have no possible way to end the denial, since to us (in our mind full of deception and error) there is nothing to stop denying .... Even though there is really!

                          What if we are holding beliefs that say that we cannot end our fear? If fear can be a response to beliefs that we don't have enough power, what is the result of thinking that we don't have the power to address our fears or to understand the situation at all? The result is likely to be yet more fear, more denial and more loss of power.. A potentially never ending cycle of self disempowerment. We need to look carefully now at what we are really doing when we think and what we are really feeling.


                          Accepting that you can end fear and increase personal power is necessary now.


                          Fear sucks our energy and limits our thinking and possibilities. It is not wrong to acknowledge our limitations, but that does not need to include with it thoughts which place concrete boundaries around personal power. Just because you appear to not have enough power to solve a problem today, does not mean you won't gain power and be able to solve the problem in the future - so it is important to keep an open enough mind to allow changes to occur which 'seem' impossible.

                          If you allow yourself to be frightened of fear and of addressing your fear, then you are stuck. If you open your mind you will see how limiting this can be, yet it is fear that is partially closing the mind. We need to increase our own awareness of our own state of being first and foremost to address this self-created trap. By setting strong willed intentions to heal your fear and to increase self acceptance and honesty/open-ness in the process, it becomes possible to set a chain of transformational events in motion which will lead you into more of your parts that you need to feel and access in order to heal and free up more of your emotions.

                          By accepting that fear can be healed and accepting that you are not wrong/bad/weak/foolish for having created fear, you can begin to nurture your aspects back to health. All beliefs which say that you cannot do this must be found and allowed to be released - this may sound simple, but we are often only partially aware/conscious of everything that we are thinking and so this process may take a while as deeper layers of previously unconscious thoughts and parts of self begin to receive the light of consciousness.


                          A simple process for healing fear


                          Until we have direct experience of this process it can sound complicated and intimidating, but intimidation is just another way that fear has of changing our direction in life - there is no need to be timid here and just noticing how you feel when you are timid can be enough to lead you into peace and greater awareness of the CAUSES of your feelings (which are usually thoughts that do not serve you).

                          To simplify and clarify what I am pointing to here, I have put together a few points that can work together to help:

                          - Do not avoid your fear. Feelings are here to help you and they only SEEM problematic because we avoid them and just like an untended garden, that's when they can become gnarly instead of beautiful.
                          - End denial. Part of accepting fear and all of self involves accepting that you have been denying real feelings, including fear. Noticing where you have been denying things is the first step to stopping denying them.
                          - Feel the fear and ask it what it needs. Our emotions are conscious and can actually express as thoughtforms with voices inside of us. Essentially, they will usually be saying what we ourselves would say if we were to scream while expressing the emotion. When you ask this part of you what you need there, if you have a loving intent, you may receive answers about what needs to change before the emotions can be free to change in response.
                          - Prioritise your emotions above your outer reality. Our modern world is overloading our senses with advertising and information as people vie for our attention and thus our money. Most of this is not helpful for us and distracts us from what we really need to be attentive to. It would be a huge tragedy if we were to lose our own beauty due to us ignoring our real feelings because we were distracted by marketing for fizzy drinks and so on.  By being aware of how your point of focus is drawn towards bright lights and other triggers that distract away from how you feel inside, you can begin to change your patterns so that your focus is more inward and more respecting of your inner world and senses.
                          - Allow your feelings to vibrate as sound in private. Every emotion has a sound signature that needs to be made by the body for the emotion to truly get moving, be freed and to quickly evolve. Not everyone is loving and accepting enough to allow others to do this without ridiculing them or judging them. Such people do not serve you and privacy is key when starting to get these emotions in motion!

                          Wishing you well,
                          Ura Soul

                          • ura soul
                            ura soul shared the video 'Free money (STEEM) anyone? Part 1'

                            Free money (STEEM) anyone? Part 1
                            FOLLOW THE POST ON STEEMIT HERE TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH IT IS EARNING.... https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@steem-ambassador/disrupting-bankers-and-filming-steemit-promo-with-danny-shine-viral-video We venture into the crass shopping centre under the bankers buildings to give away free cryptocurrency - in this case STEEM. Thanks to steemit.com/@weirdside for videography and editing. Thanks to steemit.com/@starkerz for playing the banker so well. Thanks to steemit.com/@dannyshine for doin' his thang! If you do open a steemit account (be patient - it can take a few days but may be less), include the tag promofree-steem in the tag list and we'll upvote your content. Let me know if you are a vegan and you'll get more.
                            • ura soul

                              very good! yes, all of this and more is possible - thanks for sharing and for being more of yourself ;)