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A History of the Altered State - Part 1

A History of the Altered State - Part 1

Welcome spirit beings of the cosmos. Here I present to you an early look at the beginning to my descriptions about the very reality as we know it coming apart, and then becoming whole once again, with changes made little by little. 

It started with a psychiatric drug, one that would lay dormant like a slumbering dragon, waiting for it's chance to rise and unleash it's devastation. The appointed professionals were just as much in the dark as I was, but the difference being is that it wasn't a darkness they had to live with, in every waking hour. I was not aware of the alchemy involved, from annihilation of the soul by hellfire, or how shattered the ethereal could become, leading to unimaginable chaos. I was not equipped to journey into transcendental landscapes, where a walk in dreamland becomes available in our waking reality. I was not prepared for the ramifications of traumatising my loved ones and the guilt I would carry as a result.

One moment the essence of self was in existence, the next scattered across time and space. A mind flashing in and out of the present, perpetually accelerating as images before me on a television screen repeat and blur together. Then there was a compression of consciousness catapulted to the end of a lifetime, followed by a regression to where it all began, before returning to a clarity in the here and now. I was now locking in to the totality of all that is and ever will be.

Everything was now predicted to happen before it happened. A phone call. A summoning to venture out into a realm where I was truly liberated. What mattered was that I was the architect of how the rules applied, or ceased to exist. A walk into a carpark where a new vehicle was awaiting me became a glimpse into the future yet to transpire, but already there waiting. Once faulty eyes made correct by an old fashioned invention became a gift to give to a passing stranger, as a statement to say I was done with contemporary beliefs. Everyday establishments and places of study became a playground to test out new concepts, surprisingly uninterrupted as if laid out before me, waiting for my arrival. It was the initialisation of a series of tests, designed to explore the unknown.

I was recalled to my place of origin, where there was an overwhelming desire to return to a world that existed aeons ago. A world where there was harmony with the natural earth and where mankind lived like I did now in the complete wholeness of life. I was alone in my vision of this, as I watched my parents slow to a crawl in their movement and perception, I wanted nothing more than for them to be there with me. I wanted to offer the people of the planet a heaven that was real. I envisioned my town to be the hub for a place that unconditional bliss could thrive, allowing those in need of help to receive exactly what they always dreamed of and then finding ways to explore the exhilaration of existing without the need to ever be truly afraid again. This was only my vision, for those who could see the same, as I turned my attention to multiple versions of a desired new reality.


I welcome and encourage those others with extraordinary experiences to come forward and tell their tales, as now is the time for the world to change, going into the golden age of our new utopia :)


by SolitaryFriend
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