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disprove these claims about donald trump!

disprove these claims about donald trump!

A thick wall of denial always surrounds the various puppet leaders of america and related regions - none more so it seems than exists around donald trump. Despite his actions obviously being deceptive, offering lies faster than a used car salesman, his supporters will often resort to name calling and even claiming dissenters are 'traitors' - despite the an abundance of evidence showing Trump's lies.

This katalist collects together various sources that highlight some of the more obvious deceptions and denials.

by ura soul
contained in group: constitutional mechanics 101

6 reasons it is impossible to deny that the US government is being run by psychopathic warmongers

    6 reasons it is impossible to deny that the US government is being run by psychopathic warmongers

      • ura soul
        contained in group: constitutional mechanics 101
        6 reasons it is impossible to deny that the US government is being run by psychopathic warmongers

        Open minded analysts of the actions of the American government and military were in no way surprised to learn that Donald Trump's 'presidency' (acting as no more than just the latest puppet in a string of puppets for those who operate from the shadows) brings with it a continuation of war, murder and general rape/pillage in the name of 'freedom' and 'security'. I have continuously seen a nosedive in the support Trump has online, despite die-hard apologists continuing to claim they support the american government position on Syria and elsewhere. It is simply impossible to continue to claim that Trump represents some kind of meaningful difference for the American political reality as compared to previous 'presidents' when his ACTIONS are clearly aligned to the same agenda as those who came before him.

        To those of us who are not yet old enough to have seen this pattern repeat time and time again, let me break it down here - this is a bit like the way a 'used car salesman' manipulates the buyer into thinking they are getting a bargain and not a barely working, soon to break down car:

        • politician identifies flaws in his competitor's policy and public perception.
        • politician identifies what people perceive to be the solution to the competitor's flaws and mistakes.
        • politician crafts an image of himself (along with a team of spin doctors) of being the perfect solution to the problems of his competitor... regardless of whether that image reflects reality or not.
        • politician lies, lies and lies again to gain support.
        • politician beats competing politician and gains power.
        • politician goes back on previous promises and just goes ahead and implements whatever he/she wants to do and always wanted to do - regardless of how popular it is.
        • politician does everything possible to engineer reality so that his/her actions appear to be righteous - from emotionally bringing in the image of 'dead babies' or 'threats to babies' or 'people who would kill babies' etc.. - all while actually DOING the exact thing that he/she claims to be protecting humans from. e.g. he/she starts fights/wars (in the name of 'peace') which result in babies literally being killed.
        • politician continues to engineer as many scenarios as possible to keep people in fear and thus more easy to control and exploit. threatening to attack nuclear powers is a great way to intimidate a population who already has 'stockholm syndrome' and who insanely looks to the main perpetrators for 'solutions'.
        • rinse, repeat ad infinitum.
        • the 'politician' (more aptly called 'tyrannical megalomaniacal psychopath') gets ever more power, money, control and ability to effect the destiny of the earth - all while so many people, confused by their own denial, somehow manage to conclude that he/she is actually helping everyone!

        Is this really the best humans can do? No, it is not.

        It is time to now to end these denial patterns and delusions that could even destroy us all. In short, it is time to awaken - to heal, balance and to evolve.

        There are tried and tested models of self governance that can and will dramatically improve upon the false version of 'democracy' we have been forced to endure for so long. We are free will beings and are in no way living optimally when we are told what to do by others, whether it be an alleged voice of authority or anyone else. As long as you are agreeing to go along with artificial hierarchies such as government, military, controlled education systems and corporations - you are part of the problem of imbalance on earth and nothing you do will ever really help this beleaguered planet since your overall alignment is in the opposite direction from liberation/peace/wellbeing.

        For anyone wanting to see some more details and examples of the problem here, i recommend the following:

        a brief mind-opener from james corbett on how the political system is nothing but a 'vent' designed to have us thinking we are making a difference when we are not:


        US Press Secretary unconsciously tells the truth about the US military action in Syria:


        Carrol Quiqley, an 'Ivy League' historian wrote a long book exposing how 'the network' designed and planned the west's democracies to deliberately be nothing more than a facade intended to give the impression of democracy - he had access to the records of the 'network' and his book was intended to be private and for their own records - however, he released it publicly! oops!

        US General (retired) Wesley Clark on how the conflict in Syria and 6 other countries was planned in the whitehouse YEARS earlier.. making the claims of today's politicians transparently nothing more than lies:


        Goldman Sachs, the international 'investment bank' and general designer of government policy behind the scenes - their role in trump's rise:


        a quick insight into the background of the number of the skull and bones SECRET society - that both George Bush's were members of, John Kerry and many other significant US politicians. What are the chances of two 'competing' candidates for presidency both being members of an ultra elitist (tiny) secret society with encoded connections to freemasonry being dangled in plain site?


      You Won’t Believe How CNN Covered The BILLIONS worth of weapons Trump Sold To Saudi Arabia

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        trump and his arch rivals - the clintons

          trump and his arch rivals - the clintons

          • trump and his arch rivals - the clintons
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            Who Controls Donald Trump?

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              trump is anti establishment?

                trump is anti establishment?

                • trump is anti establishment?
                    ura soul
                    by ura soul

                  more denial, heartlessness and deception

                    more denial, heartlessness and deception

                    Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid

                      Former models for Donald Trump's agency say they violated immigration rules and worked illegally