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    • ura soul
      ura soul commented on comununidades (): communism does not represent balance, it is merely another trick used to disempower the people, while having them falsely believe that they are being empowered.
      • SoulFish
        SoulFish commented on Scientific Study shows chemotherapy can casue cancer to spread and worsen. (): Indeed. There have been doctors that have spoken out about it since the inception of chemotherapy and they have been ridiculed. This isn't "new" news, just suppressed news. It is sad the lies that...
        • ura soul
          ura soul commented on Arigo: Brazil's Surgeon of the Rusty Knife (): the physical aspect with the knife is bizarre - i have some 'con-spirit-or-real' thoughts on this phenomenon but am not certain of what exactly is true.
          • innerverse
            innerverse commented on Arigo: Brazil's Surgeon of the Rusty Knife (): From what I understand, Arigo (while "possessed" by the disembodied spirit of a WW1 German Doctor, Fritz) had a cadre of spiritual beings that would help him by analyzing the energy bodies of the...

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