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    • jxi983
      jxi983 commented on Brain Implants and Zombies (): Hi ura soul, You can ignore the executables and load the folders with all the DICOM files in it with any DICOM viewer. There are public and open source ones if you so choose. Somewhat aware of...
      • ura soul
        ura soul commented on Brain Implants and Zombies (): Greetings! Thanks for sharing this link. I had a read through and I appreciate you are having a tough time. I have dealt with other people previously who either thought or knew they had been...
        • Gerlin
          Gerlin commented on SCIENTIFIC PROOF for non calorie based energy use in humans ():  Evolución del caracter chino Qi La energia qi prodrá usarse para automantenernos? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi
          • Gerlin
            Gerlin commented on comununidades (): En la comunidad primitiva no se explotaba ni se oprimía, se distribuía de manera mancomunada. La nueva sociedad se levanta con los elementos más avanzados de la ciencia, la tecnología y la...

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