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Arigo: Brazil's Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

    Arigo: Brazil's Surgeon of the Rusty Knife



    Arigo was an uneducated Brazilian in the 20th century who claimed to be psychically aided by invoking a German physician to control his body while he performed his miraculous surgeries. He became a celebrity in Brazil for his thousands of successfully healed patients, all while refusing to take any payment for his service.

    Using only a surgical knife, he could remove cancerous tumors and cysts, eliminate ocular damage and somehow keep his patients calm and feeling no pain during the seconds-long procedures.

    Of course, the church and state did not like his paradigm-shattering abilities, and made sure to put him in jail.

    See below for video of his ocular surgeries. WARNING - It's a bit graphic, you will see eyeballs getting popped out of eye sockets while he scrapes his knife around in the person's skull. Crazy stuff, but historically verified.


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