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3.6 - Whole Heart Healing (Traumatic Brain Injury Documentary Preview)

    3.6 - Whole Heart Healing (Traumatic Brain Injury Documentary Preview)

    Haley and I just returned from a two week trip to California where we have been filming for a documentary that Haley is directing. The story is about our friends Colin and Fin, who have been working closely together for almost two years on Fin's recovery from a traumatic brain injury he suffered in a long-boarding accident. After being rendered paralyzed and unable to speak, Fin's family contacted their friend Colin who had previous experience with helping others recover from TBI. Together with Fin's family and his own, Colin has been able to lead the way for Fin back towards his old self. In this episode we recap all the fun things we did with these two awesome guys, from camping in the redwoods to climbing into an abandoned WW2 bunker on the coastal highway of California. No guest this episode! Just Haley and me recapping the incredible journey we've been on, and previewing what's to come with our film later this year.

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    Music in this episode is by Kadela, featuring Adam Johnston on guitar.
    Check them out here! goo.gl/QQibah