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Petition to Stop 5g

    by BlueTruth

      Originally developed as a weapon, 5G works with higher and much more hazardous frequencies. It is being rolled out by the powers that be without any discussion of the potential health risks to humans, as well as the harm it can cause to the environment. Whether or not you think it is hazardous, the right thing to do is to get scientific, peer reviewed studies done, and released to the public, on 5G before we are subjected to what many believe are harmful frequencies.

       Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Cancer clusters began to appear in neighborhoods with houses built under or close to high tension power lines. A growing number of scientists are concerned that 5G could be much worse than power lines as whole cities would be immersed in higher frequency microwaves that penetrate buildings much easier than 3G and 4G. ELFs, low frequency waves have already been shown to cause health problems from close proximity.

    We need to know the truth about the health effects from 5G before we are subjected to it without our consent. Corporations, hungry for profit, have shown in the past that they can hardly be trusted to take the high moral ground over the bottom line of money. Please take a minute to sign this petition and share it with everyone while there is still time to stop the ongoing roll out of 5G.