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Community help: What can I do here?: revision

last updated by ura soul

There are a variety of features you can use on this website to facilitate sharing, expression, networking and having fun!


On this network you can:

1. Upload Blog posts
Write on any subject (Using the 'Add a blog post' link in the main website navigation bar).

2. Upload Photos and create photo galleries.
Photos appear on your own page and also on viewer the main site homepage. You can group them into gallery collections and save notes and other details for each of them.

3. Upload Videos.
You can upload your own video files up to 100MB in size. You can also embed a video from many other video sharing website such as Youtube and Google Video.

Just click an 'add a video' link whereever you find it (such as in the main website navigation bar) and from there you can choose to either paste in a URL address for a video that is already available via the internet or you can choose to 'embed' a video from another site by copying an embed code from the other site and pasting it into the 'embed' code area on the 'add a video' page. 

4. Join Groups and Communicate.
You can create new discussions in any of the group forums except for 'network information'. You can comment on any of the existing discussions as well as upload images, videos, bookmarks and other files to the group profile area. 

If you would like to create a new group then please send a message to me, Nick.


5. Upload Files and play Audio.

You can upload files to your own profile page and to groups. If you upload mp3 files they will automatically be added to the audio player on your profile page.

6. Personalise your own profile page.

Your profile contains a variety of widgets that contain your images, videos, music and information and you can edit which widgets appear on your page using the 'click to add new widget' button.

You can move all of the widget boxes on your profile page to whichever position you prefer.

Each widget can also be removed and preference settings can be edited by clicking the 'edit' button for the relevant box .

You can also edit the basic profile information, such as contacts and location by editing the panel to the top left of your profile page.

7. Message, Comment and Chat.
You can send private messages to everyone in the network using the built in messaging system. You may also leave comments for people on their pages, blogs, photos and videos. There is also a live chat box at the bottom-right of the site, just click on the 'Friends' button and then on a name to open a chat window with them.

8. Web links.
You can add bookmarks to groups and to your own profile as well as easily bookmark internal pages using the 'Bookmark this' links.

9. Invite your friends.
You can easily send an invitation email to your friends to let them know you have joined this network using the link that appears under the 'Home' option on the main site navigation and through other links on various pages.

10. Make friends, co-create and come together.
Just like other social networks you can build a list of friends here (called 'Co-Creators' in most places on the site). You can share files, ideas and whatever else you wish.

A video and text chatroom is also available from your 'my profile' menu.