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the revealing of the origins of language: all language has the same origin.\r\nmetymology is the revealing of the true origins rather than the part guesswork, part probability we call etymology.
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what is metymology?: revision

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etymology is the exploration and defining of origins of words - there are many etymological dictionaries which attempt to show the evolutionary journey of words through the human earth experience. however, the majority of entries of words in use in the english language are traced in such dictionaries back to only a few hundred years back and contain not only some guessing but also do not provide true actual causes for the words being as they are; they simply look at word 'routes'.


metymology is my own creation and is a word i am using to describe what i have been doing with words through the observation of particular phonetic patterns within the vibrational tones of words, so the frequency of energy is made a focus, rather than the 'linear meaning' as we have been taught to approach such subjects.


in this way i am able to show the energies involved in the word templates and reveal many hidden aspects to the earth human psyche (and psychosis) which can assist healing the mind through increasing clarity as to why we are doing what we are doing. many of us simply use words and never question why we are using them; this is a source of power loss in that we are acting unconsciously. 


some of the words and explorations may seem quite abstract and meaningless without comprhending how they have been discovered and why they are being shared here. for that reason i have created an introductory page that describes some of the key tokens involved in the phonetics of what i/we are doing. many of these tokens, such as 'ki' appear in many different languages, in different words, yet have similar intents and general uses, regardless of who is using them. when the broader patterns are brought together from the different languages, an ever larger picture is formed. for example, the word 'queen' in english has one generally accepted meaning. however, if i point out that 'ki' or 'qi' in 'asian' languages refers to 'life force energy' and if i sound out phonetically 'que' as 'ki' or 'qi' then 'queen' becomes 'life force energy + en'.  'en' can mean 'of' as in 'made of' - 'the creation of' and can also mean 'energy' too.. so 'queen' and also 'KIng', both have references to life force energy of creation, in their formations. 

yet how many people you know have seen this?

why is this relevant? we'll find in and find out. ;)