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Community help: What can I do here?: revision

last updated by ura soul

you can use many features on this website to facilitate sharing, learning, networking and creating fun experiences:


1. write and share your thoughts

write and share on any subject; and if you prefer you can allow others to comment on your words.

to begin you can click on the 'add a thought' link in the 'add a new item' menu of the top navigation bar (marked by the + symbol).


2. upload images and create image albums

you can upload the commonly used image types (.jpg, .png etc.) and group them into image albums.


3. share videos from video sharing websites

you can embed a video from many other video sharing website such as youtube and vimeo.

just click the 'add a new video' link via the 'add a new item' menu option of the top navigation bar and from there you can choose to paste a URL address for a video that is hosted on a video sharing site. once you have completed the input fields on the 'add a new video' page you can click 'save' and you will then see the video has been added to infinite eureka.


4. create 'wiki style' reference pages 

similar to the way that wikipedia and other wiki sites allows you to create an online reference collection of pages on specific topics, so too does the reference pages feature of the infinite eureka community. each page can have sub-pages and can contain embedded images and other html elements.


5. store & share web-links/bookmarks (urls)

you can add bookmarks to any zones that you are co-creating and also to your own profile as well as easily bookmark internal pages using the 'create a link to this page' button at the top-right of the page (represented by the red heart icon).

you can also grab a 'linker-button' and save it to your web-browser's address bar for later use, to allow you to easily bookmark pages from other sites and store them in the infinite eureka community.


6. create more complex 'katalist' pages 

katalist pages allow you to build larger presentations that combine other elements from within the community. for example, you could combine 3 videos, 2 thoughts and a reference page from the community into one new katalist page. each of the items will be contained by it's own drag-able page element and you can choose from a variety of page structures to best present your creation. any item can be added to a page, including those made by others in the community.

katalist pages allow you to guide others through a big picture of what can be gleaned through knowing about and studying a variety of topics which might otherwise never be joined together in the same way as you have done by watching all those videos and reading all those pages.


7. complete your own profile page

your profile page contains a variety of page elements that display summaries of your images, videos, reference pages and other items/information. you can edit which page elements appear on your profile using the 'add elements' button.

once created, page elements can be moved to whichever position on the page that you prefer by dragging and dropping them with your pc/device's pointer/touch-pad/mouse/trackball.

the page elements can also be removed and preference settings can be edited by clicking the 'edit' button for the relevant box .

you can also edit the profile image and the basic profile information, such as contacts and location by editing the panel to the top left of your profile page.


8. comment & message

you can send private messages to everyone in the network using the built in messaging system. you may also leave comments for people on their reference pages, thoughts, images, videos & most other items that you may find.


9. co-create zones on specific topics

zones are collections of pages which allow co-creators to come together to collaborate on specific topics. each zone contains it's own list of videos, reference pages and all the other types of objects that can be created here. each zone has a zone administrator. zones can be open/public or closed/private - private zones can be created on request and once created are only visible to those who the administrator has invited specifically.


10. invite your friends & make new connections

you can easily send an invitation email to your friends to let them know you have joined this community using the link that appears in the 'more' sub-section of the main site navigation.

similar to other social sites, you can send 'friend requests' to make new friends by clicking on their profile image and choosing 'add friend' from the drop-down menu that appears there. your own incoming friend requests can be accessed via the side-menu of the main friends page or directly via the link in the 'more' drop-down list at the right end of the main navigation menu.


more features are added periodically. future enhancements include support for video/text chat as well as a way to create & share audio/video playlists.

any requests for new features are best written in the network information zone.

you can send private you can send private messages to everyone in the network using the built in messaging system. you may also leave comments for people on their reference pages, thoughts, images, videos & most other items that you may find.