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Text, Voice & Audio Chat for Ureka Is Now Available Via Discord!

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Adding text, video and audio chat to Ureka has been a goal for some time. Having experimented with some software solutions it was found that none of the free ones that were tested were up to a level of reliability that we need here. However, in recent years an alternative option has become very popular among online communities such as gamers and also for users of the Steem eco-system - Discord!

Discord has proven to be reliable on all platforms, including mobile devices and many people already have accounts there. It is both a great way to communicate and also to unite communities and network. For these reasons I have created a Discord server for Ureka.org.


Access the Ureka Discord space via the following invitation link: https://discord.gg/dNXb2cF


You can access Discord by installing the standalone desktop app on your computer or via the mobile app that is freely available in all app stores or from a normal web browser. The audio and video are great quality and rarely have any issues. You can also chat in realtime with text there and share memes and files etc.

Not only does this provide a great chat solution for Ureka, but it is free for us to use and has zero maintenance.

I am looking into ways of automating a connection between Ureka and Discord so that each group on Ureka automatically gets it's own space in Discord and the Ureka site is generally integrated there in useful ways.


Please note that Discord is not operated by Ureka's Administrator or anyone else directly connected to Ureka. Discord is a generic chat app and we cannot take responsibility for your privacy or experience while using Discord. However, I have used it for a number of years and never once heard anyone complain about these issues for any reasonn whatsoever. Do let a Ureka admin know if you experience any problems with Discord, thankyou.