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Are you excited to cause evolution, balancing & healing on earth, using the Ureka social platform?

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Ureka.org is expanding & forming a team!

If you are excited to move beyond the passive sharing and receiving of information via other social networks, then i invite you to consider the opportunities now arising here at Ureka.
There are many areas of creativity that can be explored here, including:



  • Internet tech: PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS/JS programming, website optimisation, search engine optimisation and security.
  • Website testing: use new and existing features and do whatever you can to break them - then report your findings to the coders.

Creative multimedia

  • Graphic design: artwork for webpages and related media creations.
  • Video production & animation: for a variety of purposes - mostly short educational pieces and ideally some longer documentaries too.

Research & writing

  • Creating web content: that fits within the intentions of the ureka community (to lovingly cause balance, healing & evolution).
  • Building collections/galleries: of video/media and links from other websites that facilitate the intentions.



  • Moderating groups: each group here is equivalent to groups on other social networks and so they have their own administrators and moderators.
  • Moderating the site in general: spam hunting, removing abusive content and other tasks.
  • Translating text: converting Ureka's english text into other languages (on average we already have translations for around 30% of each language).
  • Help & support: keeping track of current support topics and maintaining an FAQ of help items.

Is this a job advert?

Ureka is a non-commercial community so there is no financial element to these community roles. If you are not already aware, the financial system has long ago been exposed to be entirely based on fraud and as such (if we are to evolve and improve life on earth) we need to evolve our thinking to allow us to choose to freely create based on what is balanced, sacred and right for us to create - rather than creating based on a perceived need to 'make' 'money'.

The roles that are listed on this page are available in the spirit of 'contributionism', which is to say that they are unpaid and are voluntary positions that anyone with the required abilities can hold, with the intent of co-creating a service that is for the benefit of all. As such, there are no 'hourly obligations' and no hierarchic control among the team; tasks are allocated based on ability and desire - with no pressure, blame or the associated guilting that is commonly found in heartless 'corporate' environments.

If you are ready to live for free and are excited to help with this online community, then you are invited to send a private message to @ura_soul - or an email to info@ureka.org that contains a summary of how you think you can help the community and what your relevant experience is.


Thanks for being you!