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a summary of the reality of 'government' and money in 'uk'

last updated by ura soul

Carl Cunningham lays it out brilliantly:

"Summary Before you were born, the bankers operated a scam intended to rob all members of the general public. They removed all forms of money and replaced it with worthless notes which read "I promise to pay the bearer ..." (with another worthless bank note). They then managed to do away with the government and replace it with a group of commercial companies which they own. They cunningly named these companies so that they look like a government. They took over the printing of the worthless bank notes with their private company called "The Bank of England" which is meant to sound like a government organisation (although it most definitely isn't).
The next step in their cunning plan, was to get their company which sounds like the government, to ask their other company "The Bank of England" to print them lots of (worthless) money and to charge interest on that money, over and above the face "value" of the currency. This excess interest amount is called the "National Debt" in order to fool ordinary people into believing that their country somehow owes somebody large amounts of money. Firstly, there is really nothing owed at all. Secondly, there IS no money. Thirdly, the country does not owe anything, and in the unlikely event that there were a genuine debt, then it has nothing to do with ordinary people as it is just a notional debt incurred by one commercial company to another commercial company (owned by the same people). This supposed debt has been boosted over the years to a ridiculous level which could never, ever be paid off, and you will no doubt be glad to learn that all income tax is now paid to the owners of these commercial companies. Isn't it great to be paying vast sums of money to a commercial company which has never done anything for you and which holds you in utter contempt because you haven't discovered their scam and continue to pay lots of ridiculous taxes, fees and charges, none of which you need to pay at all. Combined, these charges amount to about 80% of a person's earned income - do you enjoy living on one fifth of what you actually earn?
To strengthen their scam, they have invented a language of lies called "legal terminology" or "Legalese" where they have changed the meanings of ordinary English words in order to abuse and rob ordinary members of the public. They have set up a company called "The Law Society" to train up unscrupulous people in their methods of lies and deception. Their commercial company which pretends to be the government, keeps inventing new "statutes" which they pretend are laws (which they most definitely are not) and they keep telling everybody that they "must obey these laws", and they have subverted policeman and policewomen and convinced them that they have to enforce these statutes. The primary aim of these statutes is to take banknotes, goods and property from members of the public who have not yet discovered that it is a scam being run against them. Many police officers are probably themselves ignorant of the fact that statutes are purely optional and no human is actually bound by them.
Just to clarify the situation, breaches of The Law are dealt with in a genuine court with a jury. All other matters, such as taxation, bank loans, parking restrictions, speed limits, and the like, are dealt with in a fake "court" which is a commercial company and part of a violent protection racket style scam which is wholly unlawful, but enforced by violence, threats and intimidation using bailiffs and police to protect the bailiffs from being attacked.
What you decide to do is entirely up to yourself. You can continue to give away most of your income to fund people who want to harm you, or you can decide to step outside this corrupt system, and stop paying these people. All humans are born equal, so there is nobody who has the right to order you around, unless you agree to give them that right. Personally i feel the whole thing needs tearing down"