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a world class compost tea recipe

last updated by ura soul

this recipe was shared by the creator of the boogie brew compost tea product, via 'growing your greens' on youtube. thanks to all involved.

33% Worm castings (worm gold plus) + compost humus (extra aged compost – 16 month minimum – maybe made from woodchips – 85% woodchips and 15% green waste)

10-20% food grade brewer's yeast flakes (nutritional yeast flakes)

20-25% kelp (dehydrated juice + kelp meal with full fibre)

5-10% aggmino (soy amino) powder

10-15% soybean meal

5-10% alfalfa meal

up to 5% of C90 positively charged sea minerals (use no more than once a month)

3-7% humic acid crystals

5-10% calcium phosphate (phosphorous enhancing ingredient)

5-10% negatively charged mineral food source such as clay or volcanic dust (rockdust)

10-20% molasses or cane sugar (cane juice crystals or table sugar)

5-10% granular humic acids

5-10% langbeinite & greensand