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appreciation to those who have assisted with the creation of this community

last updated by ura soul

this website has been created using code put together by thousands if not millions of individuals.. the code to run the web-servers, the various layers of software and those who create and design the hardware too.

specifically the code here is based on the social networking framework available at www.elgg.org and includes many plugins from coders involved in that project.

particular thanks go to:

the whole elgg core team - brett, cash, steve and others i am less familiar with.

plugin developers who have greatly extended the capabilities of the site: jeroen, jerome, matt, ray-j, cim, iionly and many others.

the piwik stat tracking team - an open sourced, free way of seeing an overview of the activity of the site and gleaning ways to improve the design.

having explored a variety of options for creating this site, i am glad to have found an open source (free) system that covers all the needed features and to which anyone can openly add to, improve upon, adapt and grow with.

appreciation to all! :)