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ura soul: identity

last updated by ura soul

when we believe others have 'authority' to create aspects of our own lives, we are disempowered and are denying actual truth. disempowering belief systems of this nature are the basis for the 'law society' model of interaction that is used and relied upon in many areas of this plant at this timing.

the truth of individual identity, is that such identity is rooted with the individual, not with a 'court system' or paper document. thus claiming that 'your real name is the one given to you at birthis a denial of the truth of free will and choice. free will choice is not dependant on a group or governing body giving agreement that 'its ok for you to choose that name'. you choose the name and can choose again and again, and again as much as you like and they are all valid 'real' names for you in those moments.

the name that is recorded on a birth certificate is classified as a 'legal fiction' meaning that to use that identity as if it is 'you' is technically a fraudulent act, yet it is considered 'the norm' for many and often many groups and individuals will laugh at and even try and deny the truth of this. (often this is due to fears that they are denying relating to beliefs in their own lack of self worthyness and lack of self acceptance - on all levels, most commonly emotionally).

no obligation exists to name you with a name you are given and no provable truth exists that the name on your birth certificate is any more of a real name than any other name.

as such, if you are reading this after interacting with me and being directed here, you need to know that all identity documents can be forged and as such, as an act of honesty, i no longer choose nor recognise identity documents that claim a name, genetic code, fingerprint, biometric or other metric as being a valid form of identity for me. this is not evidence of deceipt or intent to defraud, it is the result of choosing to live the truth of divine creation that constantly changes and allows full transformation of body, genetics and any other aspect of existence as a way of life.

in summation, this is a notification of choosing to no longer conform to the limitations created through denial, deception and misunderstandings presented as 'fact' on earth and thus, the sharing of the truth that regardless of paperwork that claims otherwise, i am commonly known as ura soul; ura of the family soul of all that is.