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artificial borders & nations

last updated by ura soul

our lives, experiences and this planet and our bodies are creation. we are living and creating reality. we are living co-creators of reality.

the reality that we have been experiencing the creation of, has included what we can label as 'unconscious creation' - meaning we are creating without knowing we are creating - thus when we come to change an aspect of the creation we are unsure of how to change it because we are disconnected from what it is and how it came to be present with us or in us.

a major source of discomfort on earth surface at this timing is that of artificial borders and the arbitrary groupings of space and living beings that have been labeled as 'nations' and 'countries'.

much of the on-going transformations that are being lived on earth have so far involved the uncovering of the various agendas to overpower the majority by minority groups - using any and all means available. to this end, any and all means have been used. many are programmed from birth to hold ideas as being true that relate to our identity, overlaying our true selves with a sense of 'national identity' - which claim that we are not who we are, but we are 'members of a nation' that we ourselves do not directly define and that we do not know all the details of directly.

while proceeding to seek to create change and find remedies for the collective suffering, many have sought to 'fix' their nations, partially due to their own 'patriotic' programming and judgements of unloving light that are held against other 'nations' of the planet; and partially due to fears and concerns about alternative options which may include 'globalisation', 'one world government' and thus the seeds of the imbalances and governance being moved further away from them, perhaps to another area of the planet, that seems to give them even less chance of freely creating and living as they desire - continuing to be pushed around by the policy enforcers of the government agencies.

while many are recognising that artificial borders and 'nation' concepts are limiting to their own freedom and sense of unity of the planet - self-defeating any objectives that the creation of nations originally intended; a reluctance exists to let go of the idea of nations due to concern and uncertainty as to what would replace them and what would such a change be like.

as all-ways, divine truth (meaning truth that contains zero error and intends love and healing), provides insight and soulution to these issues. we can also call this 'sacred truth' that we can always come back to and rely upon when we are uncertain of what to do.

 divine truth in relation to this planet and imagined 'territory' is including:

  • all that exists has the capacity to feel - even that which we, in our minds believe to be inanimate and 'dead', are made of essence that can feel. there is only being-ness that exists. this is one of the most denied truths on earth at this timing.
  • the planet that we label 'earth' is a living, feeling being - just as we are.
  • all life is inter-connected, made of 'the energy and essence of the one' and as such, no overpowering is necessary, nor beneficial.
  • the division of surface area of the planet and any other realm, planet or location in creation into artificial nations or zones is only of benefit if the free will of all involved is respected; this is not the state of affairs on earth presently. the free will of the majority has been tricked and over-ridden in almost every way possible. artificial nations are one expression of this and of what humans have called 'tyranny'. yet in many cases this tyranny has been projected as 'for our own safety'.
  • often the justification for this unnecessary division is 'to boost an economy' or 'to keep out the dangerous people' - while not noticing that in the blink of an eye, circumstances could change and it may be those who reject the others who now need help from the others.
  • any division is futile and unnecessary for well-being; ultimately causing suffering for all, even the ones who believe they benefit from it.
  • the word 'na-tion' itself explains the predicament of its own creation. 'na' (pronounced 'nay') means 'not' or 'never' & 'tion' (pronounced 'shone') can mean 'light traveled, previous to now'. so 'na-tion' means 'light did not travel previously to now' -> enlightenment did not occur. thus 'nation' implies darkness and un-enlightenment. what part of you is most dimmed by the sensing of separation from your family? from the artificial borders and constructs designed to make travel difficult for you? in me, it is my heart. earth is made from the same as heart.  so we need to enlighten ourselves with loving light and release the false idea of nations.
  • having zero borders does not equate to 'one world government' - true 'government' is not intended to overpower free will, as has been happening on earth. our own fear of our neighbours due to belief systems and memories of previous experiences are as much the cause of our borders and separations as any resistance to tyrannical global enslavement. we have enslaved our own heart and selves, while attempting to be 'safe'. the word 'borders' equates to 'be orders' - orders on how you are to be. so who is being protected by someone ordering you to be a particular way? no-one is protected that way: enslavement happens that way.
  • society will survive and thrive without police or government if we are balanced and living truthfully. removal of borders is one part of living truthfully.
  • 'anarchy' is one word which many have been programmed to claim will occur without artificial borders and controls. yet they have never known anarchy. a visit to a dictionary will show that anarchy is 'an agreement to live peacefully' (without rules). 'an' meaning 'no'/'none'/'without' and 'archy' meaning 'are key' (are above others) - so 'none are above others' or 'no hierarchy' or 'none are higher; or are key'.
  • if we all do what we truly desire to do, within integrity, we are able to be free and be supported and life can be a truly effortless and flawless perfection. while we are all compromising and not doing what we truly desire, such as choosing not to live our heart's desires and to instead focus on 'making money', we are dysfunctional and our imbalances need to be processed for us to re-balance. the less borders and walls we have, the more space we have to move and the more peaceful and harmonious and joy filled life becomes. you need to live this to know if this is right or not and you cannot live this the way as life is commonly being co-created on earth presently.
  • if we move in our hearts with intent to feel, allow and know truth, we will find and know truth - reliance on external procedure and folllowing orders is a huge part of our problems. we cannot replace a 'system of rules' with another systems of rules and expect beneficial change, when it is the reliance upon a system of rules itself which is a major part of the problem.
  • intent to balance, be free and not overpower is the true goal of any 'government' that intends balance and freedom - this begins inside each of us, not in an office or document - we need to stop overpowering ourselves internally first. this means allowing total free expression without harming anyone.

as long as we conform to the heartless demands of those without heart balance - we are co-creating more heartlessness - we do not need to be violent or do harm to re-balance against those who seek to overpower and kill. love is the way.