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A guide to creating your own group at Ureka

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Looking for a way to create an online space that's just for your specific needs and the needs of your team, friends or other group? maybe your own group at Ureka would fit your needs.

Groups are a kind of site within a site at ureka.org that allow groups of co-creators to unite for specific purposes - so that, for example, specialists in different forms of healing can have their own groups, creators of specific technologies can have their own groups and so too can anyone else for any other reason that is relevant to the intentions of the ureka community.

Groups provide the following features:

  • Allow any number of co-creators to participate as a group.
  • Can be public or private and thus either visible to the wider internet, or not.
  • Private groups can be by invitation only.
  • Allow media and other content to be contained within the group and so can be visible and editable only by members of the group - if preferred. Media and other content can still be accessible to the public, if preferred, but be contained by the group so that they can be easily located and used as a resource.
  • Groups can have one or more administrators who are responsible for maintaining and guiding the group and it's content. Administrators can remove members from the group, approve new members, design the group's homepage and access a variety of other relevant tools.

How to create a new group

Creating a group is a straightforward process that is outlined below. Once your group is created, it will need to be approved by the main Ureka administration before being fully usable and visible to everyone else.

  1. Open the 'create a new group' page via the main site navigation or by clicking the button at the top of the group listing pages.
  2. Choose a name for your new group and type it into the field titled 'group name'.
  3. Upload an image for your group that represents what the group is intended to focus on by using the 'group icon' button and searching your device's storage for a suitable image file.
  4. Give your group a description by writing it into the field marked 'description of this group'.
  5. Choose the access and privacy settings for your group by clicking the 'access' tab at the top of the page and setting the relevant options there.
  6. Choose which types of content and other options your group will contain/allow by clicking on the 'tools' option at the top of the page and setting the relevant options there.
  7. When you are finished configuring these options, click the 'save' button to pass the group on to Ureka's administrators for approval.

Your group will then be assessed to ensure it does not break any of the site's terms of service and you will be informed via email notification of the outcome of the assessment. You do not need to wait for approval to begin customising your group, but others will not be able to see/use it until approval is complete.

For more information about administrating and running a group, see the page titled 'a guide to administering and maintaining groups at ureka'.