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    by cataleptik

    YYou gotta be fuckin kiddin me

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      • cataleptik


        oi am Indigo Shoehorn Ten-Trees

        Tree,for short.



        shoyut outs to Earthworm and her family,Littletree, Way Kind Crystal Rose, Rabbitt, and I guess ura soul since he works so hard.


        'reainbow names' are one wayt we show that we are not society.



        there are no leaders and no organizers.   we are spirit-soul warriors.


        it's based on the Shamanic prophecy of the Cree woman named Captain Marvel.


        yeah,  that's it,

        that's the ticket...

        (strokes beard thoughtfully)there are some high holy old hippies, but no leaders.  (those are the Drainbow Family of Living Lice, and WE came up

        with that tag,'cos they don't bathe their offspring.


        The rainbow gathering happens everywhere.  never ends.

        • cataleptik

          the rainbow family, the warriors of the rainbow, is an awesome theory/tradition/prophecy/phenomenon...


          people should know more about it.