"Another Dimension"

    by cataleptik

    pay close attention to this fascinating, intruigue-laden and slightly supernatural photoplay in progress 

    featuring and introducing Faisha and Mikal, the Earth Heart Theatre Dancers in

    "Another Dimension"


    Another Dimension is a work of fiction,

    Resemblance to actual people, places or things is probably a huge coincidence.

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      • cataleptik

        Who is it that YOU say I am, Detective?



        You are...

         白眉 鷲羽, Hakubi Washyuū-sama,

        the greatest scientific genius in the universe,

        I know this to be the hidden truth, known to few beings.


        You, Washyuū-sama,chose to conceal your godly powers and consciousness into three jewels, and 

        then, to descend to Another Dimension in order to analyze

        the mysteries of creation as it had manifested...


        Three Jewels...that little clue was the clue that I spotted.  The Choushin or Chousin (頂神, Top God) are you, and your two sisters...extra-dimensional deities responsible for the creation of the multiverse...and, by extrapolation, all of the higher dimensions of existence."

        "He's good," she thought to herself. 

        "He must be a detective on assignment!"

        • cataleptik

          You, Washu-sama, chose to seal your godly powers and consciousness into three jewels,

          and those three jewels were the clue that helped me realise without doubt

          the truth of your divine nature, as well as the actual divine nature of your daughter and sister.


          "Three jewels..." Nice trick. 

          Washu chose to seal her godly powers and consciousness into three gemstones and descend to the third dimension in order to analyze the mysteries of the multiverse.and descend to the third dimension in order to analyze the mysteries of the multiverse.

          • cataleptik

            "So what, Detective, are your plans, now?"

            "I could learn a lot from observing you.  And just because I have deduced your actual identity..."  I searched for words.

            "You have much to teach, and the crime of memory erasure among others remains an issue!"

            "And actually, since we are being frank, I can reveal my own identity.


            "I am Headmaster of the Police Academy.  I am on sabbatical to investigate you, and to tie up loose ends regarding the Identity Theft via Memory Erasure case."


            • cataleptik


              Samantabhadra (Skt.; Tib. ཀུན་ཏུ་བཟང་པོ་Kuntu ZangpoWyl. kun tu bzang po) — In the Dzogchen teachings, our true nature, that state of the Ground, is given the name the 'Primordial Buddha'. Sogyal Rinpoche writes, "[Kuntuzangpo] represents the absolute, naked, sky-like primordial purity of the nature of our mind".[1]

              He is depicted as a buddha, sky-blue in colour, sitting in the vast expanse of space, and encircled by an aura of rainbow light. He is completely naked, meaning unstained by any trace of concept. His name, Kuntuzangpo in Tibetan, Samantabhadra in Sanskrit, means ‘always good', ‘always well’ or ‘unchanging goodness.’ What this signifies is that unchanging goodness, or fundamental goodness, is our ultimate nature.

              • cataleptik

                From Greek syn=together, tropos=tendency.

                It was first coined by the mathematician Luigi Fantappiè, in 1941, in order to describe the mathematical properties of the advanced waves solution of the Klein-Gordon equation which unites Quantum Mechanics with Special Relativity. As noted by Viterbo, syntropica is "the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life" (http://www.syntropy.org/). In contradistinction to "entropy," syntropica is a result of retrocausality leading to persistent and more complex organization. This is akin to the concept of dissipative structures developed by Ilya Prigogine, expostulated in Order Out of Chaos, by Prigogine & Stengers (1984). Buckminster Fuller developed a definition in relation to "whole systems" as "A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation. Anti-entropy" (http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Syntropy).