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Indiepublic (Revert Radio)

    by cataleptik

    The first Indiepublic was inspired by the global failure of the Indymedia global networks,

    They couldn't handle the responsibilities of anarchism; too much in a hurry to fight battles with cops, battles they could never win.



    Every cop is a sentient being, and even worse, every cop is a wage slave that is also oppressed by higher-ups.  the Indymedia geeks were too filled with left-wing poison, and the need for independent media remains as much of a true need as it was back in '99 at the Battle of Seattle.   The geeks failed; they didn't care enough and with annoying, wasteful tactics got gear impounded and got the Indymedia name banned by arrogantly spam attacking network news sites.

    The first Indiepublic was IndieMultiMedia USA, started at a Ning site that was turned into an online furniture store.

    The geeks failed by way of superficial indifference to the need for people to receive information.  Their arrogant "geek catalyst" agenda came first, and all there is to show for it now is an international netw*rk of derelict sites,

    The second Indiepublic is still at Google Plus, as of January, 2019, but that node has been scheduled for termination by spring of 2019.


    Twenty years have passed, and some writers have learned discretion and discernment...

    Twenty long years, and of course, who needs to "become" the mainstream media?

    We have learned that topics that they won't talk about.