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New Weird Experimental Manga PEDRO SAGA

    by cataleptik


    a w*rk in process...the sequel of devotion, love, revenge and absurdity.

    He is back from the grave to rescue his daughter and set the record straight.

    The Man Is D. O. W. N. but he's not out. 

    A secret organization plans fiendishly to control the city, the nation and even the world...via conquest and deception, they will rule.   Who will fight them?  Or try to fight them?  And is it even possible?


    New Weird Experimental Manga PEDRO SAGA:

    the bizzarre and, in the opinion of many, obnoxiously unneccessary sequel to

    Quack Experimental Animation EXCEL SAGA by Koshi Rikdo, who looks so much like Stephen King That It Is Freaking Me Out.


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