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constitutional mechanics 101

we commonly inherit national constitutional frameworks that were created within very different contexts to that which we are presently experiencing. thus what made sense many years past, now shapes our experience in ways which often are not comfortable.\r\nthis zone is for the exploration of evolving new constitutional agreements that best serve the needs of an expanding and evolving populous.
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poly-ticks has become nothing but the illusion of choice

    ura soul
    by ura soul

    for hundreds of years, at least, the politics of earth has been largely controlled to give the appearance of involved liberty and free choice - but in truth it is common for all 'sides' of the 'debate' to be controlled by the same entities behind the scenes. this ensures that no real change can be effected viat the political machine and the artificial hierarchies, domination systems and 'family lines' can be maintained while the 'people' assume they are being served.