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Gargle: Good Forever

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Gargle: Good Forever
    by cataleptik

    The "Dada Ad" has been approached by many.  the Original Not Ready For Prime Time Players made great use of Dada Ad processes, spoofing many different products with advertisements for things one could not acquire.


    AllTheTropes says that "A Dada Ad is when some people forget they were hired to sell a product and instead create ads that just confuse potential customers."  the TvTropes org said "Not only do they not know what's going on, but when (or if) the product is finally revealed, they may be confused even more."


    But in the burgeoning information age, there just had to be an evolution.   Watching the gradual collapse of the Google Plus social network, and of course, remembering the way that Google took down their "Don't Be Evil" signs right in front of cyberspace, netizens and Everybody, it had to happen that there would be Something Else that would show up to be as surprising as the search-engineers were when they appeared in the 1990s.  And thus we come to Gargle...



    whatever Gargle is, one thing is certain.  Because of Dada, what Dada was, is, and will become in years and decades and centuries to come, Gargle will be


    "Good Forever."

    This is far from some idle threat that Google is in its death throes because of breaking the pact that was made with all observers, by rather overtly taking down the signs, "don't be evil," that were a pledge to the emerging worlds of cyberspace, netizens, and social network...but there was a rather stupid and naive underestimation of the world at large, disgusted by evil and looking for a target to attack, as if just implying that "time to be evil" would not be opposed by any non-evil forces, or gathering of humans...


    It was stupid of the Google Corporation to suddenly take down its' "don't be evil" pledge, as mass walkouts by workers were a clear sign of outrage and disgust with decisions made by directors of engineering and bosses at that corporation.   Evil, and the idea that evil could just arrogantly announce its' presence, irritates and offends the basic, geniunely good nature of human beings...like an arrogant thing that is not allpowerful or omnipotent begging to be put in its' place, Google offended its' employees in late 2018 and early 2019 with arrogance and impersonal indifference to the needs and demands of its' employees, and rumour has it that the walkouts of that time were far from the first declarations of disgust from the world, directed at the corporation that pulled a sort of Diabolical bait-and-switch on a world already waking up very suspicious of corporations...and Evil in its various prevaricating and suspicion-creating forms...


    After all, this is the Information Age!

    We have search engines and can satisfy our intuitive curiosities if we suspect that something...Evil...is going on behind scenes, vile, atrocious conspiracies of "Men Behind The Curtain," arrogantly daring us to unmask any conspiracies that we might find out about...via easy access to information...thanks to search engines...


    Ironic, Much?How did Dada begin?  How can we truly "know" anything for sure?  Records suggest that the birth of the Art movement began with a genuine distaste for fascist trends that were developing in Europe during the period called the First World War.  Others point to Hugo Ball, tone poet who simply enjoyed the sound of words...an abstract poet who gave, some Art-Histories say, the name to the radical and ornamentally eccentric Fine Art movement that would eventually give birth, by association, to the Cubism associated with [ablo Picasso and the Surrealism strongly associated with the notorious lunatic-prolific Salvador Dali.