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    by cataleptik

    well, Google, we warned you.

    i could swear I saw a behemoth corporation commit a sort of suicide in 2018.

    but it's Google, the techno-megacorporation.

    when they took the 'Don't Be Evil' sign down, that was a sign in itself!

    and then, while Face Book helped the Shadow Soviet Union perform its' antidemocratic hack-job on the United States' democratic processes (proven!  Ukrainian hackers have confessed!), Google helped by terminating a warm and functioning social network, for no good reason.


    if there's a backdoor breach in Plus, it's in Gmail and Youtube, and Ray Kurzweil is a blatant bunch of greedy, self serving bull shit.


    2018 was the year that Google was all out Darpa/NSAPrism/evil like a silicoid megasnake.

    i won't forget it, or this resistor sister's awesome, mountain-like boobage,

    such an excellent display of mammalian humanity that I had to take the picture to this level.