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    by cataleptik

    my summing up of 2018 is: i was more glad than ever

    that i had suffered through years of being a derided and mocked anarcho-feminist.

    as people took to the streets in protest of pig-dog Trump, and

    the MeToo movement and Weinstein backlash got into headlines,

    and the men who arrogantly wanted the "right to rape" sneered and showed hate for 

    all women, even my mother,

    2018 and the spike in awareness made me feel a lot better about years

    of rejecting misogyny.  in 2018 i felt less alone than ever,

    and felt lots of solidarity with my fellow dykes, bull-daggers, and lesbians.




    my sense of humour got a little sharper too.

    okay, a LOT sharper.