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baiting the majors

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baiting the majors
    by cataleptik

    Heidi Przbla


    One of the few reporters at MSNBC that never gave me a feeling

    like i was being lied to while the news was being reported.


    for a few years I have been "watching" msnbc, oh, i'm sorry,

    i mean MSNBC, to see what they weren't reporting about.

    sometimes, it seems like they didn't have computers.

    to understand the corruption of MSNBC, one must pay attention during the commercial breaks.

    then it becomes obvious that Big Oil can pay journalists to lie via omission.


    if there is a Truth, and they don't tell you,

    then they did not tell the truth, and not telling the truth is lying.

    one of the sneakier methods of lying.  lying via omission.

    just not reporting on that.


    other methods that MSNBC lies to the people on a 24/7/365 level

    have to go into the "Paranormal" file.


    "spooky action from a distance" begins to cover it.

    but Heidi seems nice.  I like the idea of baiting and teasing mainstream journalists;

    maybe they will get disgusted with what they do and come Indie with, you know,

    the sincere journalists.

    after all, how much more money do you NEED, Rachel?