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This is an angry fan letter!

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This is an angry fan letter!
    by cataleptik

    First, I needed those jokes.   That was intelligent comedy of a level I will call "gut-busting."


    I think, in fact, thinking of the fear and tension of 1999 and the end of the calendrical century, a great comical epic was necessary, a summing up of the events of the previous century as well as a sort of venting of collectively held worries as the new century began.   Alien invasions?  Vast, sweeping corporate conspiracies?   Hypnotized assassins?


    That was a great, comical vent for so many people's feelings.  But that ending?   

    It had to end in a way that left me, personally as a writer, gritting my teeth and banging my fists.

    And this, thus is foreshadowing, no, it isn't foreshadowing, I'm just coming out and SAYING so, Lord Il Palazzo must die.  Completely die.  He must die!   All the cruelty?  The atrocities, the heartlessness, the unapologetic arrogance and acts of evil, and at the end...he's just sailing, with the wind in his hair, sipping tea?  Were you trying to piss people off on purpose?