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welcome to deadjournal

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welcome to deadjournal
    by cataleptik

    I'm so pissed at all of this

    In a statement released Monday to the New York Daily News, Majors' family called the comments "deeply inappropriate, as they intentionally or unintentionally direct blame onto Tess, a young woman, for her own murder." Police have not said why Majors was in the park and have not mentioned any potential drug link. The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment from CBS News on Monday.

    "We would ask Mr. Mullins not to engage in such irresponsible public speculation, just as the NYPD asked our family not to comment as it conducts the investigation," the family statement continued.

    Mullins pointed to a "hands-off" enforcement of marijuana laws in New York, where possession of a small amount of the drug is now enforced as a violation rather than a criminal offense.

    "Think about that — we don't enforce marijuana laws anymore, we're basically hands off on enforcement of marijuana. Here we have a student murdered by a 13-year-old and the common denominator is marijuana. My question to the people of New York City is — why is this happening?"



    why were those uh, peace officers not arresting The Mafia?
    Because he's the President?