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zero trollerance
    ura soul
    by ura soul

    many times internet trolls are just angry and are acting out their anger against others in an imbalanced way. usually their logic is broken and they will claim that the logic of others is broken. in fact, they will often attack and insult others, claiming that their target is doing something that, in truth, they themselves are doing.

    the troll may or may not be aware of their reversed and denied situation and since unconsciousness is always part of the problem, the only solution is to increase consciousness. the challenge is that many trolls simply do not want to increase their consciousness and will deny the truth at every opportunity.. this may result in cases where we find that we are communicating with someone who claims to be 'superior' in knowledge, understanding and/or intellect, yet who rejects all opportunity for them to learn. in these cases, the minds of these ones are stuck and held rigid into dysfunctional patterns that will only heal through their own intent to heal and nothing else.

    therefore, in these cases - it is entirely appropriate to ask whether we can help them or not and if not, then to simply block them or move away from them. a balanced community cannot be built by people who do not intend balance.

    for extensive information on trolling - including 'professional' trolling by corporations and alleged 'govern-ments' - this is an excellent piece that originally appeared on cryptome:

    my advice is to be a bridge, not the troll that lives under them ;)

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      • ura soul
        ura soul

        i just noticed that many times someone is trolling in the comments of a social media thread and they pretend not to be or even think that they are not. along with this they are demonstrating total absence of intent to listen and truly communicate - yet claim to be fully aware and even 'totally correct'. what i have noticed is that very often they are likely to just be bored and are attempting to fill in their gaps/time with an activity that distracts them from their issues in life. their issues and internal issues may be so great that they literally cannot interact with others in a coherent way and so end up trolling, to some extent without intending to.

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