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sacred shapes / geometry

sacred geometry is the awareness and application of numerical constants to form and exploration of resonance within consciousness. \r\nthe planets are in some senses an exploration of sacred geometry, as are our bodies.. living formations of our will into shapes and expressions. within the 'everyday' patterns we may have become numbed to are numbers that reveal the essential beauty and strength of the essence of us and of creation.\r\nthe knowledge of the constants that have become known as sacred geometries has been encoded into the many large structures that cover the surface of earth, from the many pyramids, earth structures (mounds) through to the many stone cities, temples and beyond; they mostly, if not all, share a mathematical mapping and express constants and principles which are now being more and more widely comprehended.\r\nwhat can we learn from this? whatever we intend to, choose to and allow to be real. the scope is infinite.
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flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance

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flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance
    ura soul
    by ura soul

    flower of life as map for harmony, peace and successful living.


    the flower of life pattern can only be carefully created when each circle maps directly to the center/core of the other circles; or in other words, the heart of each circle must precisely be connected to and positioned in alignment with the other circles around it's location.

    this is a perfect map for perfect harmony among life forms.

    the flower of life can be viewed as a network map of balance, harmony and integration – each circle is a life form/ being and each overlap connecting them is an overlap of communication that allows/represents harmonious interaction between each circle/being, with the right placement to allow flow and harmony and learning and equality. no one circle is overpowering another (balance).

    imagine here: that one being is on a 2 dimensional plane (or on the surface of a planet) doing something (e.g. observing ants) and another is far away on the same plane doing something else that is mostly unrelated (e.g. playing a ball game, such as cricket) and another, third, being is also present who simply enjoys sitting on the grass in the sunshine; they all share the commonality that they are present with grass/plants and sunshine.

    if the one who is not so active, comes into contact with the one who observes ants, then their circles (auras) will overlap and interactions will occur on the subjects that they share knowledge and interest of (e.g. grass and sunshine and to a lesser extent 'ants'). the one who regularly studies ants may have a different perspective of sunshine and grass to the one who sits on the grass and admires the sunshine: if one attempts to enforce these viewpoints onto the other as 'significant'/ 'important' then there is imbalance; since, for example, to the 'sitter' these viewpoints are truly not important.

    (the overlapping areas are given different labels, they are commonly known as vesica pisces.)

    where one circle 'encroaches' further into another circle than is balanced or desirable, there is overpowering and discomfort.

    if the 'sitter' moves nearer to the 'cricket player' they also overlap on the subjects of sunshine, grass and not cricket. if all involved are seeking balance, honesty and harmony, there will be no overpowering (overpowering can be felt and must be processed in the right way for the ones involved) and the peace that is needed will be present. if any of them overpower another, then there will be imbalance to resolve and emotional movement is needed for their true will to feel accepted, for their feelings to change/evolve and for peace to resume.

    if the 'ant studier' forces the viewpoint over and over that 'grass is holy to ants' on the 'sitter' then that may conflict with the views of the 'sitter', yet he may reluctantly absorb it into his will/aura/heart/mind. when he contacts the 'cricketer', the 'sitter' may be motivated to leap to the air and shout 'you are abusing the holy land of the ants' – he may truly feel that this is truly occurring with every throw of the cricket ball. he might also be correct, yet these were not his true thoughts and feelings - he did not fully know if what he was claiming was correct and did not necessarily truly care, he was repeating what he had been 'told' by the 'ant studier' and the thus the cricket player does not open fully to his expression and just laughs at him instead.

    so what is the solution?

    harmonious flow of knowledge and openness to receive and express without one invalidating another, is required for full comprehension and enlightenment to be allowed/experienced and real for all involved. this is the only way the full truth can be known. this requires acceptance, feeling and intent to not overpower, to allow space for personal evolution and for truth to be accepted in the ways and at the pace that each individual desires/needs. when that flow is established, there will be no causes of conflict. intent to not deny is the fundamental unifying factor.

    intent to evolve is needed for harmony to be experienced where imbalance is present.

    ultimately all 3 beings may come to the true realisation that all of life needs to be allowed to freely evolve without the overpowering that society has accepted as being unavoidable and has reluctantly chosen to live with for so long. all 3 may recognise that, yes, the ants truly do need to be allowed to live in the grass without being trampled by cricketers and cricketers can play cricket without grass. in communication with divine intent and honesty, no conflict is required for the situation to evolve peacefully and all involved have true comprehension of all details enough that suffering can end and true joy can be allowed and experienced.

    each node/circle in the flower of life is a perfect map of balance for human existence, the heart center can feel the forces involved and will guide you to the perfect place for you, if allowed and if our intent to overpower is replaced with flow and receptivity that a heart feeling the true feelings is capable of attuning to.

    this is just one of the uses of the flower of life form: the form of the the enlightenment of collectives; this is a significant one and many more exist.


    you are welcome to reproduce this text, with attribution to ura soul and the ureka.org community.