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slavery today

slavery is the overpowering of an aspect of self by unloving consciousness. common targets of overpowering that unlovingness chooses to dominate include 'the free will of beings', 'the free evolution of the mind' & 'the needs and desires of the body'. all recognised forms of slavery include these types of domination in one way or another.
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media bias is clear here.. 'others' killed?

media bias is clear here.. 'others' killed?
    ura soul
    by ura soul

    for reference, the 'others' in the newspaper title here are those identified commonly as 'Palestinians'. the hypocrisy and denial of the ones involved here has them simultaneously complaining that the arab people 'refuse to recognise israel' and thus are motivated to kill them, while also denying and not recognising the 'Palestinian people'.
    this is imbalance that occurs when denial is present, logic contains errors and blame is projected out onto others instead of personal responsibility being allowed.