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    • harmony
      harmony commented on 'dairy cow' fetuses (): this is heart breaking.. i wish others would wake up to this horror that they are playing a part in.
      • harmony
        harmony commented on flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance (): 'intent to evolve is needed for harmony to be experienced where imbalance is present'... very well put @ura-soul :) \r\ni have a round copper plate with the flower of life markings etched in which...
        • ura soul
          ura soul commented on zero trollerance (): i just noticed that many times someone is trolling in the comments of a social media thread and they pretend not to be or even think that they are not. along with this they are demonstrating total...
          • harmony
            harmony commented on 1st melon from my polytunnel in britain! (): Looks tasty :) Well done ura! hopefully we will be able to have a go at growing some next year too!\r\n 

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