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content privacy

every image, video, thought, reference page, file and all individual profile information can be set independently to one of a variety of levels of privacy, including:

  • public: everyone online can view the item.
  • friends: only your friends in the community can view the item.
  • signed-in co-creators: anyone who is signed-in to the community can view the item.
  • private: only you can view the item.
  • groups: you can specify that only co-creators of an individual group can view the item.

* the overall site privacy default is 'public': so if you don't explicitly set a privacy level for an item that you upload it will be accessible by all who use the internet, not just those who you see using this community. you can change the default privacy setting for all of your uploads and sharings here to be more private by clicking 'settings' at the top of the page and changing the default access level setting.


our own identity is not totally static and can possibly change often. however, that doesn't mean we like to have other beings pretending they are us and using our details in a non integral way - a balance is required to be found for all needs to be met. you can add details here such as your location, email, phone numbers etc.; if you do not wish this information to potentially be shared online then the best advice is to not post them to any website, including this one. you can change the privacy levels for your data to restrict who see your details. if you wish to maintain a high level of privacy you can set the privacy level for your details to be for 'signed-in co-creators' only, for 'friends' only or 'private'.


if you explore digital security deeply enough you will find that ultimately we cannot entirely protect digitally shared information that is received by and processed through through many devices that may span many jurisdictions and lands. however, parallel to that truth, desire exists for some security to exist to facilitate our technology and web services to function and to allow individuals to do with their data as they prefer. for this reason, you are advised to apply 'best practices' to your online interactions made via this community and to ensure your password for the community is not easy to guess , such as is the case when using a commonly used phrase or simple sequence of digits.


no age limit exists for accessing this community; we are far more aware as children than we pretend when we 'grow up'.

that said, the purpose of this site is to nurture healing and love, thus any evidence of attempts to exploit children in any way will be investigated and may result in the closure of your account and possibly more.

if you are uploading content which you believe/feel may not help impressionable beings then please set the privacy level to restrict access to it.

cookies & tracking

this site uses free software (called 'piwik') to provide a method of internal tracking to generate analytics data. no data from this website will be used outside of the direct running of this site and is used solely to improve visitor experience and site structure. the tracking software respects requests from web browsers to not be tracked, such as can be activated by choosing the ‘Do Not Track option in the chromium/chrome browser family.

'cookies' are generally small files of data that are held on the device that you use to browse a website which contain configuration options relating to your own browsing experience and are intended to benefit you directly and improve to your experience. you can elect to block cookies using tools within most modern web browsers. by using this website you agree to have cookies offered for storage by your web browser for functional, non invasive purposes.