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Hello all,
I have a long history of being caught up in the Psychiatric system from when I was born. Both my parents were enslaved by it and as a result I witnessed many things. As a result, I have developed some rather unique abilities, yet I am very much in need of help to learn from others about the subjects I love in relationship to Spirituality.
Thank you for reading,

Update 1: I've come a long way from once I was and now I'm here to do the best possible healing for this planet, for myself, others and other lifeforms beyond our own imagined.

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    • SolitaryFriend

      by SolitaryFriend

      Above & Beyond - Prelude (HQ)

      • SolitaryFriend

        by SolitaryFriend

        Hello to all you wonderful people! I'm finally back after a long absence, being a slumbering dragon shifting through time and now I have my...more

        • SolitaryFriend

          by SolitaryFriend

          Whaaaaat's uppppppppp!

          • SolitaryFriend

            by SolitaryFriend

            One thing I do now instead is things like consulting a Shaman Oracle Deck where I incorporate meditation like trances going in with a...more

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