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I recently became an Art of Living Teacher - So I now facilitate 'The Happiness Program', which empowers participants to manage their stress, by learning a simple yet highly effective breathing technique and 'pranayam', known as Sudarshan Kriya. 'The Happiness Program' is highly effective in helping one to manage and overcome depression, anxiety, addiction and all other forms of dis-ease!

I am currently enrolled at The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, in pursuit of a post graduate teaching certificate, which will equip me to teach English and Speech and Drama, at High School Level. ('The Arts' must be preserved within the education system!)

Having a background in Fashion Design and Clothing Production, I started a clothing label, called 'HART' in 1997. This passion, however, has been lying fallow for a number of years! ... When I am in a position to pick it up again - the focus will be on natural fabrics that allow the body to breathe and on styles that compliment the free flow of movement - much injury is occurring to the body due to the habitual wearing of poorly designed, 'cheap' clothing and shoes and the use of furniture and fabrics in the home, that don't support health and posture! ... I like Fung Shui and Geomany as they contain 'secrets' to healthier, more prosperous and harmonious ways of living!

I an very blessed and lucky to have grown up on a farm in Africa, so an affinity to earth, nature, the elements, The Elementals, plants, animals, water, trees, mountains, rocks, weather ... is natural and deeply impressed upon my heart and within my being. It is obvious that we (everyman!) need to take a stand against the pollution of our planet!

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